Quincy Bulin Talks the "Smart Girl's Guide"!

Quincy Bulin is a senior in high school and the Editor-in-Chief at The Smart Girls Group's online publication, the Smart Girl's Guide. We spoke with Quincy about how she got to where she is today, and why writing is her passion!Quincy Bulin

"I've always, always, always known that I've wanted to do something related to writing!" Quincy told us. "I like to joke that it's the one thing that's always come naturally to me."

Growing up, Quincy had a tough time pegging down her dream job, because she had so many passions, including leadership, girl power, the internet, creativity, and journalism.

"When I started becoming involved with The Smart Girls Group, I was sort of amazed that I hadn't figured out that this was my calling sooner, Quincy said.

At  just 18, Quincy Bulin is the Editor-in-Chief of the Smart Girl's Guide, which is read by girls worldwide.

"In one word, I'd say that it's pretty crazy," she said.

Quincy is constantly multitasking and seeking out more partnerships and people to interview for the Smart Girl's Guide. She said that sometimes being so young makes this outreach a bit complicated.

Still, she finds the entire experience extremely worthwhile.

"This is some of the most valuable management, working, and leadership experience I will ever gain," she said. "I've been blessed to have such an amazing boss, Emily Raleigh, and so many others to guide me through the whole process."

But just because she's in charge of the Smart Girl's Guide doesn't mean she knows everything.

"I make mistakes sometimes," she said, "but I can say with confidence that I am always learning."

Quincy Bulin worked hard to get where she is today. Within the last year and a half, Quincy Bulin has held nearly every position in the company, including running social media pages, interning, marketing and more.

"When Emily asked me to be Editor-in-Chief of the Guide, the one thing she kept reiterating to me is that I was someone who 'got it,'" Quincy said. "I know my Smart Girl Sisters and what the company is all about. I'm passionate about the work and I'm passionate about the community, and one without the other is just a disaster."

Quincy's days are incredibly busy. She juggles the many duties of an Editor-in-Chief on top of her schoolwork.

"On a typical day, I'm usually arranging interviews, working with writers, approving ideas, and keeping the issue plan updated and organized," she said. "Having such a talented and dedicated team makes things a lot easier."

In the last month alone,  the team has hired an editor at large, managing editor, bookings director, creative director, deputy editor, interns, section editors and a number of writers, photographers and graphic designers!

"The most stressful part of my job would definitely be communication," Quincy said. "Because The Smart Girls Group's demographic is females aged 13-25, everyone is on different schedules and not all of them are as big on checking their email as much as I am!"

Quincy stays on top of things by setting extremely clear expectations and deadlines.

She said that it is all worth it, though, when she gets to see the magazine come together.

"There are really so many more girls involved in the making of this than I could ever personally thank or even list off," she said. "This is not my magazine; I simply help put all of the pieces together."

Quincy plans attend college in New York City, where The Smart Girls Group is based. She told us she want to continue to live a "part student-part editor" life.

"No matter where I end up, though, I'll continue to help grow and develop the Smart Girl's Guide as Editor-in-Chief!" she said.

She would also love to intern at a major magazine to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

"There are some lessons that cannot be found on Google or in a textbook," she explained.

Once she graduates, she plans to continue working with The Smart Girls Group.

"It's something that is so engrained in my everyday life, I consider it to be as automatic as brushing my teeth," she said.

Quincy got to her place at The Smart Girls Group by following her passions and always giving it her all.

"Do what you love and love what you do," she said. "Do not consider work like this because it just sounds fun (even though it totally is), or because you think it will make you some sort of public figure."

She added that a career should be something you live for.

"This should be the thing that wakes you up in the morning, but it also has to be the reason why sometimes you don't go to sleep!" she said. "Put passion and pride into your work, ask a lot of questions, and do not be afraid to do something that seems challenging to you."

Agreeing to become the Editor-in-Chief of Smart Girl's Guide wasn't easy for Quincy, but she knows she made the right decision.

"The responsibility seemed daunting," she said, "but I see now that's one of the reasons why I had to say yes."

But Quincy doesn't want aspiring editors to follow her example too closely.

"Don't read this interview and think you have to do the things I've done," she said. "In all honestly, I haven't accomplished nearly enough to deserve the recognition I've gained."

Quincy believes that every person has their own path to success, and different ways to get where they're headed.

"I hope you read this and take the next step towards your dream, whatever that is," she said. "As idealistic as it sounds, if you find something that you really love to do and are passionate about, you'll find a way to make it work. If you allow passion to drive you, every day will hold something incredible."

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