Everything You Need to Know About 'Crazy Devotion' Singer-Songwriter Quinton Griggs

With viral hits including "Chaos!" and "Crazy Devotion," it's clear that 18-year-old singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation Quinton Griggs is already making his mark on the music world—and we firmly believe he's just getting started.

You might not have guessed it, but Quinton was actually a talented football player who had dreams of going pro before an injury sidelined him. As he recovered, he started making TikToks—and the rest is history.

Today, Quinton is known not only for his music, but also for his eye-catching fashion sense. It fuses pop-punk rawness with elements of '70s and '80s glam rock, which shine through in both his music and his bold sense of style. Each of his songs is deeply personal and close to his heart while also striking a chord with his devoted fans. It's no surprise, then, that  Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz has quickly become a fan and supporter, even co-writing "Crazy Devotion" with him. We can't wait to see what he does next—and here's everything we learned about him as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Quinton Griggs Trivia Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Travis Shinn)

Name: Quinton Griggs

Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Birthday: September 8

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Quinton makes a point to always stock his house with a bunch of food and

"I always make extra food for breakfast just in case the homies stop by and are hungry."

-Quinton Griggs


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2. His favorite thing about himself is probably his style.

"I spent a long time wearing the same thing as everyone else, and now what I wear feels super authentic to who I am."

-Quinton Griggs

3. He uses his phone a lot less than the average person.

"I'm not on my phone much, but if I'm on it, I'm just scrolling through social media or looking for new music."

-Quinton Griggs

4. Seeing people have a good time never fails to make him smile.

"It's also one of the things I love about live music, just watching people enjoy themselves. That and bowling. I'll challenge anyone to a game!"

-Quinton Griggs


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5. He freaking loves animals.

"Unfortunately, I don't have any of my own right now, but I always had a couple dogs growing up."

-Quinton Griggs

6. What's one thing that Quinton wishes he would have learned earlier on?

"To not give a s*** about what people think of me. As long as I'm happy with myself, can't no one bring me down."

-Quinton Griggs

7. His weirdest habit is constantly pacing and walking around non-stop.

"I swear my phone says I get like 10,000 steps a day even if I don't leave my house."

-Quinton Griggs


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8. In three words, he'd describe himself as excitable, grateful and driven.

9. His biggest pet peeve is being fake.

"I can't stand when people try to put on a false face or pretend they're something they're not."

-Quinton Griggs

10. Above everything else, Quinton is always true to himself.

"No matter who you are or what you like, the coolest version of you is the original thing."

-Quinton Griggs


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