8 Quirky Gifts That Are as Empowering as They Are Adorable

Why give your bestie any old gift when you can give them something totally unexpected that will also improve their life?

The folks behind Emily McDowell and Knock Knock recently sent us a care package full of cute and empowering stuff that we'd totally regift if we didn't feel like hogging it all to ourselves—and we think you'll love it all, too. Keep scrolling for our favorite quirky gift items that will make your friends feel like they can accomplish anything.

Affirmators Cards: $12

Know someone who might need a little guidance and self-affirmation? These Affirmators cards might be the simplest way to get them. Each one includes a brief positive message, complete with a cute illustration to drive the point home. To use them, the user simply has to breathe in deep and silently ask for a message that will guide them in the right direction before pulling whichever card speaks to them. These pearls of wisdom are just the thing to get them through a tough day and feel like their best self.


(via Knock Knock)


Pro/Con Pad: $7

Making decisions is hard, but it's a little easier when the time is taken to pick them apart. This notepad is designed to help do just that. Before your friend commits to anything, they can write the pros on one side and the cons on the other, assigning them point values so they can find out which side wins once and for all, making indecisiveness a thing of the past.


(via Knock Knock)


Thank You Sticky Note Packet: $12

The simple act of being grateful can make life so much better. Help someone in your life get started with this set of six different sticky note pads, each with their own thankful messages printed on them. Not only will it remind them to think of the positives in their life, but the people they thank will feel great about these messages, too.


(via Emily McDowell)


Everyday Bravery Pins: $10

Sometimes, the small, mundane moments in life are where we show the most bravery—and where we feel like we deserve a little recognition. These cute enamel pins will allow your bestie to wear your courage proudly. Maybe they "Stopped Reading the Comments" or simply "Kept Going." With 32 pins in the collection, there's sure to be one that's just perfect for them.


(via Emily McDowell)


Breathe Tote Bag: $12

Sometimes, all we need to calm down and get back on track is a quiet reminder to breathe. This tote bag will help someone special in your life accomplish just that—but we also love that it's just a helpful suggestion rather than an order.


(via Emily McDowell)


Awesomeness/Awkwardness Sticker Seals: $7

These cute seals are perfect for the bureaucrat in your life. Each box comes with 50 "Official Seals of Awesomeness" and 50 "Official Seals of Awkwardness" stickers to add a little bit of formal-looking flair to everything they do. They're perfect for closing gift wrap or placing on greeting cards to make the recipient feel important every time.


(via Knock Knock)


'I Totally Got This' Inner Truth Journal: $16

Journaling can be a pathway to self-discovery and overcoming adversity, but this specialized journal can do it even better. If you have a friend who doesn'feel like they totally got this, this book can be a helpful reminder that they do. It's a daily journal designed to help the writer overcome any self-doubt through a series of empowering quotes and prompts to help them uncover why they have everything in the bag. After a while, you're going to be the one going to them for confidence-boosting tips.


(via Knock Knock)


Fantasy Stone: $12

Crystals are said to have all kinds of healing powers, but we think these adorable pins in the form of made-up crystals, like Persistethyst and Romancerine, can be just as effective with the right mindset. Each one has its own symbolic significance that will remind that person in your life to keep those positive emotions in mind whenever they see it. The pin is also magnetic, so your friend won't have to poke any holes in their cute outfits to wear it.


(via Emily McDowell)


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