R5 Are the Next Big Thing at Radio Disney!

R5 are the Next Big Thing with Radio Disney, and we'll be seeing a lot from them soon in the next N.B.T. showcase!R5 are the next big thing

Their new album, Louder, releases on September 24, but all this week you can hear previews of the new album by R5 on Radio Disney!

R5 also released a new clip in the "R5 on R5" series all about the R5 family!

"The R5 family is pretty much the best fan base on the planet," Rocky Lynch says in the video.

Ross explains that the fans are called "R5 family" because the band consists of a family.

"The R5 family is just an extension of our family," band member Ellington Ratliff adds.

The videos shows the band in England meeting the fans they've had such an impact on. It's great to see that R5 are so connected to their fans! They even meet a  fan who plans to name her baby after Rydell!

Watch the new video here and tell us what you think!

The band are also going on tour starting October 26 to promote their new album! Who else can't wait?