R5 on R5 Retrospective Looks Back At 2013!

The members of R5 take a look back at the amazing year that was 2013 in an R5 on R5 Retrospective video!R5 on R5 Retrospective

Ross, Rydel, Rocky and Riker Lynch and Ellington Ratliff sum up last year in an amazing three minutes of new footage of travel, concerts and interviews with the band!

"There are literally so many moments that define R5 this year!" Ross explains at the beginning of the video.

The band chats all about their recent trip to Japan, where they were greeted by thousands of screaming fans, and watched as police officers held the crowd back!

They also recount playing for 16,000 people in Canada, and other super memorable onstage moments!

Throughout 2013, the band grew closer than ever before. In the new video they discuss being able to read each others' minds onstage and how they are constantly becoming an even more incredible band!

Touring the world has affected the band so much and taught them so many life lessons. It's amazing seeing how much they appreciate their fans and to see their dreams coming true!

Ellington Ratliff also teases the new album they're recording in 2014!

We absolutely can't wait to see what this new year will bring for R5! If you love them, be sure to join our R5 Family community at Sweety High!