8 Things You Need to Know About Actress and Singer Rachel Crow

After placing fifth in the first season of The X Factor here in America, it's great to see that Rachel Crow hasn't lost her footing.

She's set to star in a spinoff of ABC'The Goldbergs, and we couldn't be more excited for her. Even though she's gearing up for a hopeful big break in acting, music hasn't taken a backseat. We heart everything she does and are impatiently waiting her ABC debut.

We couldn't wait to chat with her and learn a few new things, so we imagine you're itching to know, too.

Scroll through for what she had to tell us this week!

Rachel Crow #WCW art

(Photo credit: AP)

Full Name: Rachel Kelly Crow

Birthplace: Mead, Colorado

Birthday: Jan. 23

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts:

1. Her favorite thing about herself (and ours) is her amazing hair. "It's so unique to me and who I am—I love it," she gushed to Sweety High. We always love a girl who isn't afraid to rock her curls.

2. Her most-used emoji is the smiley face with the hands. We definitely appreciate this because it makes us feel like she's giving us a giant hug. ????

3. She can't live without a good highlighter. Who can blame her? A proper highlight is the key to any good makeup look, amirite?

4. The Disney princess she most relates to is Tiana. "She looks like me and has aspects of my personality," she said. "She's sassy. I love it!"

5. Her biggest celeb crushes are Drake and Chance the Rapper. She said she could never choose between the two, but we think she's leaning more toward Chance after posting this adorable shot of the artist on Insta.

6. Whenever she needs a pick-me-up, her go-to order at Starbucks is an iced chai latte with soy milk. We have to say, that's an excellent choice.

7. She would love to win a Grammy or an Oscar one day. Both her acting and singing career are well on track. We definitely see this some time in her future. ????

8. Her all-time favorite video game is Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition for Nintendo DS. It's official, she has great taste in everything. 


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