PREMIERE: Rachel Grae Reveals the Real-Life Heartbreak That Inspired 'How Dare You'

We don't know if anyone is rising to the top in 2023 faster than singer-songwriter Rachel Grae.

With her emotionally vulnerable songwriting and stellar voice, Rachel's music gets us right in the heart, and with song after song going viral on TikTok, it's no surprise that her follower count is nearing the 1 million mark. Today—after the two videos sharing the song for the first time racked up a collective 4.4 million views—she released the heartwrenching single "How Dare You," and we have the pleasure of premiering it here on Sweety High.

Ahead of Rachel's big U.S. tour with ANDI kicking off this March, we got the chance to chat with her to find out all about the powerful song, and why it has resonated so much with her listeners. Check out the song and read the full interview below.


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The Story Behind 'How Dare You'

Rachel Grae: "How Dare You" is about someone who left my life and tried coming back when it was convenient for them, leaving me feeling like my patience and loyalty were taken for granted. I wrote this song to say everything I never said to that person. The songwriting process helped bring peace and honestly helped give me closure. It seems to be resonating a lot with listeners on socials, so I'm excited for everyone to have the full song to listen to.

It's funny because I never wanted to write about this person. I have so much respect for them, so it felt kind of wrong. But after feeling like my patience was being taken for granted, I felt like writing about it was the only way I could get all of the thoughts and feelings about it off my chest.


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What 'How Dare You' Means

RG: I took a lot of life lessons from this situation. Everyone knows that you can't change a person until they want to change. I tried being as patient as possible during this situationship I was in, but I compromised my own happiness while doing so. Ultimately, I just want the listener to take their own message away from this song. To some, it may have a completely different meaning than it does to me, and I think that's beautiful.

Rachel Grae in cargo pants and platform boots

(Photo credit: Daniel Alexander Harris)


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Rachel's Favorite Lyric

RG: I think my favorite lyric in "How Dare You" is, "You got work to do, said you got demons, said I want to meet them," because it kind of tells the whole message of the song in one line. I tried being there for this person and sadly got hurt in return. After I left, that's when they wanted me back, but "you never know what you've got 'til it's gone," I guess.

Rachel Grae How Dare You artwork

('How Dare You' via FrtyFve)


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