Rachel Platten Offers Empowering Advice About Feeling Rejected

This past weekend, I AM THAT GIRL held an empowering event in Los Angeles.


(Photo Credit: Emily Duncan)

The Levi's and Secret-sponsored gathering—put on by the organization that aims to inspire girls to love themselves just the way they are—was attended by Rachel Platten, Monique Coleman and Derek Hough, who each spoke about fitting in.

All three had some pretty inspiring words about what has personally helped them find their sense of belonging and how to believe in themselves even through difficult situations.

Scroll below to see their words of wisdom.

Rachel Platten—Singer-Songwriter

What's Rachel's piece of advice for being the happiest version of yourself? Simple: Just relax and be kind to yourself, and don't forget to lighten up a bit. "The rejections are are part of the journey, that's what you grow from," she said.

Rachel Platten at I AM THAT GIRL event in Los Angeles

(Photo Credit: Emily Duncan)


Monique Coleman—Actress, Dancer, Singer

High School Musical's Monique Coleman shared her thoughts on how you should deal with being too hard on yourself. "Get out of the mirror," she said. "[It's] the best thing we can do. Get out of the mirror and get into service because someone can benefit from your vulnerability."

Monique Coleman at I AM THAT GIRL event in Los Angeles

(Photo Credit: Emily Duncan)


Derek Hough—Dancer

To feel happy and whole, you sometimes need to just feel like you belong somewhere. Dancing With the Stars' Derek Hough revealed that for him, he finds community through his dance group. "The dance community is very spiritual, emotional and vulnerable, and to find a crowd that shares that sense of freedom is truly incredible," he said. "There is a sense of connection."

Derek Hough at I AM THAT GIRL event in Los Angeles

(Photo Credit: Emily Duncan)

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