Host the Ultimate Radio Disney Music Awards Viewing Party

Anyone who's anyone knows that the Radio Disney Music Awards are this Sunday at 7 p.m. on the Disney Channel.

Of course, if you're a major fan of these awards just like us, then you're definitely prepping for a viewing party with all of your friends.

Radio Disney celeb screening of RDMA's nominations

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Take some tips from us on how to be the host with the most this Sunday. Below is everything you need to throw the ultimate RDMA viewing party:


Make an RDMA's Playlist

After your guests arrive, but before the show starts, keep tunes blasting in the background featuring all of your fave artists, albums and songs that are nominated for an Ardy Award. The awards range from Best Group to Best Song That Makes You Smile. This playlist will get everyone in the mood for our favorite music awards show.


Cast Your Vote

Print out your own ballots to pass around to your guests. There should be a category for each award as well as each nominee in that category. For example, the award for She's The One – Best Female Artist would include the following singers: Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez.


Give your guests the chance to vote for their favorite nominees. As an added activity, collect the ballots before the show starts, keeping one spare to fill in with the real RDMA selections. After the show, tally up everyone's guesses and give out an award for the person (or people) who correctly voted for the most winners.


Red Carpet Photo Op

Everyone loves a good photo booth for birthday parties, but for this upscale event you'll want something a little more profesh. Take inspo from last year's RDMA red carpet and either print out logos or draw them for yourself on butcher paper to create the backdrop. As for the actual red carpet, you have a variety of options, from purchasing a strip of fabric from a craft store to laying down a layer of red butcher paper.

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Make Edible ARDY's

You have your Oscar and your Golden Globe, but for the RDMA's you have the ARDY. This little guy is perhaps the cutest trophy, shaped slightly like Mickey Mouse.

Make edible Ardy's for your guests out of Rice Krispie Treats. You can either make these with your audience or prepare them before they arrive. While these treats will take a little time, they're super simple to make. All you need to do is make the Rice Krispie Treat mix, shape the head, body, feet, ears, etc. and attach the body with toothpicks. Now you have a tasty trophy to make each one of your guests feel like a winner.

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Pre-Show Karaoke

In addition to creating a playlist, you can also set up a RDMA tracklist on YouTube or with your karaoke machine and hold a little show of your own with some on-beat but off-tune singing by your guests. These melodies may not be award winning, but you are guaranteed to laugh before the show and during commercial intermissions.


Make Fan Tees For Your Fave Artists

If more activities is what you're after, gather some shirt supplies from Michaels and puff paint your love for your favorite artist all over your tee. Think of these like your jersey for your No. 1 musical artist.


Seating is Key

A proper viewing party needs ample seating for guests. If couch space isn't enough, bring in an assortment of comfy chairs because none of your audience should be sitting on the floor! And in gowns, no less.

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What's a Viewing Party Without Snacks?

After setting out a spread of regular ol' snacks that your guests will doubtlessly enjoy, theme some of your spread with the nominated artists' favorite foods. For example, Selena Gomez insists on Hot Cheetos and pickles backstage and on her tour bus, while T-Swift loves swigging on Diet Coke. Demi Lovato is all about the sweetness of chocolate chip cookies, but you can't forget Bieber's favorite tart candy, Sour Patch Kids.


Pull Out Some Spears Stops

This year Britney Spears is being honored with the first-ever Icon Award for her achievement that surpasses the pop music world. Did you know that Brit has been singing over the Radio Disney airwaves since 1998?

In honor of the '90s Queen of Pop, pull out all the stops by including some of her top songs on your playlist or wearing some classic '90s memorabilia.

#RDMA Buzz: see what everyone is saying about @britneyspears receiving the first-ever Icon Award!

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Decor Galore

To decorate your viewing party like a music Hall of Fame, hang posters of the nominated bands and artists around the room. If you're running low, some teen magazines from the grocery store are sure to be stuffed full with many of the nominated artists. Of course, no amount of gold balloons and confetti is ever too much for any viewing party.


Music brings out an array of emotions within all of us. If you're feeling sentimental over Brit's Icon Award, click HERE to read Ashley's love letter to one of her fave girl groups, Little Mix.