Rainbow Doritos Returned to Mexico, and We Have Food Envy

Pride Month is officially over, and now that the rainbow-colored glitter has settled, we're suffering from a major case of food envy: It turns out Doritos brought back its Rainbow chips for the event, but the U.S. missed out.

U.S.-based food blogger Markie Devo recently discovered Rainbow Doritos via the online snack shop Mexican Candy Lady, as Delish reports.

Like any chip-loving person, he had to try them. Devo ordered a bag of the colorful chips, which come in the flavor Citrus and Spices.

Doritos Rainbows Bag

(via Doritos)

After his tasting experience, Devo was kind enough to share his review via Instagram. Apparently, Rainbow Doritos are "wonderful masterpieces," hence our current levels of food envy.

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He's not the only one making us wish we could get our hands on a bag. Now that we know Rainbow Doritos are out there again, we've been scouring social media for more photos, and of course, there are plenty.

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Although the U.S. didn't get to share in the Rainbow Doritos fun this time around, the chips were originally launched stateside in 2015. The snack came out in partnership with the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit that works to empower LGBTQ youth around the world. The only way to get a bag was to donate $10 or more to the organization, so it was a great way to support the mission, not to mention enjoy a tasty treat.

Given that Rainbow Doritos were available stateside before, we're holding on to hope that they'll come back. Maybe some day.


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