I Tried Rainbow Eye Makeup—and I Think I'm In Love

In my most recent crazy beauty trend attempt, I decided to recreate a colorful rainbow eye makeup look that I spotted on Lime Crime's Instagram.

BTW, they totally have the craziest, coolest ideas for inspiration on their 'gram, so you should definitely give them a follow if you're into trying funky beauty concepts like me.

Taste the ????. inspo via @stella.s.makeup

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First off, who doesn't love rainbows? They're cool and colorful, and even better if they're on your eyes, right? Believe it or not, I think this might be one of the easiest beauty looks I've tried out and I am really digging the result. No joke, I think this is the new me. Below is my step-by-step guide on how to turn your eye makeup game into a real-life rainbow emoji????! It really only took me about 10 minutes—check it out, try it yourself, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Step 1: Pink

Start with the outer and inner corners of your eyes and work your way in. I'm sure people have their own techniques for this, but here was my reasoning: The middle is light yellow, so if you start with the yellow first, there is a good chance there will be blue, green and pink shadow dust flying around during the application, which would cause the yellow to turn nasty. So, I started with the outer and inner corners of my eyes and applied my pink with a normal shadow brush. All the eyeshadow colors I used for this tutorial are from NYX's Primal Colors collection, which are inexpensive and super pigmented. MAC also makes great options, too.

Step 1 Pink Eyeshadow


Step 2: Blue

Next, blue! I switched to a small eyeshadow brush here so I could be really specific with my blue shadow. In hindsight, I think I made my pink sections a little bit too large, but it's the imperfections that make this makeup style unique, so I embraced it.

Step 2 Blue Shadow


Step 3: Green

Getting the green and blue to stand out next to each other was the biggest challenge. I really had to go over the blue and green sections a lot to make them defined but also blended.

step 3 green eye shadow

Step 3 green eyeshadow

Step 4: Yellow

I only had a little sliver left on my lids for the yellow shadow. This really pulled the look together and I love how the yellow makes the look pop. I decided to forgo the orange shading in the middle for a couple of reasons. First, I couldn't find a super pigmented orange, I could only find peach. And secondly, I ran out of space. I have medium-sized lids and I think the demo from Lime Crime was done on someone who has a way larger eyelid than me–something to keep in mind.

Yellow eyeshadow step

Rainbow eye makeup


Step 5: Liner + Mascara

I'm not a fan of wearing eyeliner or mascara. I love it on other people, but I suck at applying liner and I think a natural lash is super pretty and romantic. So at first, I was hesitant to add it on because I really liked the look without, but to fully recreate the look, I decided I had to move forward with this step. And guess what? It looked even better with a little liner and mascara. Something about having all these bright colors next to your eyes really makes your eye color stand out, especially for green-eyed gals like me.

Final step eyeliner mascara

Final step eyeliner mascara rainbow eye makeup


Step 6: Hearts Optional

Okay, clearly this step didn't happen for me. The hearts are super cute on the cheek but I knew that was too advanced for me. But if you got the skills, try the hearts.


Final Thoughts

Friends, I am in love and I don't care who knows! I seriously was shocked at how much I liked the result. It's also inspired me to get more creative with colors and shadows because nothing really perks up your mood like a pretty color on your eyelids. This is the perfect makeup look for a festival, a concert or even maybe a birthday party? Heck—I might wear this look one night just because it's cool! I highly recommend you try it out 🙂


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