Are You Ready to Rainbow-fy Your Beauty Routine?

Rainbow colors are everywhere right now. There's no denying that, so don't try and fight it! ????

What better way to embrace the entire color spectrum than by incorporating it into your beauty routine?! These five looks below are fun, fairly simple to do and obviously striking.

Ready, set, rainbow away!

Rainbow Eyelashes

The Look: Spice up your daily makeup with colorful lashes! You better believe your eyes will pop with all this color.


How to Get It: This DIY tutorial actually teaches you how to make your own mascara in different colors! You only need white or clear mascara and some colorful shades of eyeshadow and you're all set. Score


Rainbow Hair

The Look: These pastel hues are so pretty and perfect for summer coming up! Do you dare try it out yourself? ????


How to (Kinda) Get It: This tutorial walks you through making hair colors using only washable markers. This is not permanent and you should def use adult supervision, but it's a fun way to experiment with hair color sans commitment. 


Rainbow Blush

The Look: This shimmery, vibrant blush will make you look like you've been sun-kissed by a rainbow. What could be better?


How to Get It: Buy a blush similar to the Prism one shown below and apply onto your cheek bones! Incredibly easy. This particular brand is so uh-mazing that it's sold out. You can place a hold on one HERE.  

Are you guys ready for this jelly?! ????❤???? #bitterlacebeauty

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Rainbow Brows

The Look: Brush different eyeshadow colors into your brows and you'll instantly have a rad ombre effect.

Rainbow Dreamz in #Wildfox new steezy ✨????

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How to Get It: Follow this tutorial for the simplest and most honest tutorial about the rainbow eyebrow trend. We think you'll find it highly entertaining. 


Rainbow Lips

The Look: Having the right color lip is essential. But why choose just one hue when you can have them all? You'll be sure to grab all your friends' attention in the best way possible. 


How to Get It: We had to share this tutorial because it teaches you how to create colorful lips using bubblegum! Yep, mind blown. ????


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