11 Rainbow Hairstyles to Rock This Weekend

It's no secret that crazy hair colors have become the norm these days.

Everything from pink to blue to green has been trending for well over a year now, and we're not seeing any sign of this color phase slowing down—thankfully so, because we're still very into this trend.

But, why stop with one hue when you can rock a whole rainbow? Below, 11 brilliant rainbow hair looks so you can show your rainbow pride and channel your inner unicorn this weekend and all summer long.

Unicorn Curls

Natural hair gals rejoice! Is there anything sweeter than these pastel color unicorn curls? We think not. Perfect for the girl who already has bleached out strands.

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Color Wheel Melt

How divine is this melting pot of saturated hues? We're very into the purple and blue base that melts effortlessly into her pastel ends.


Rainbow Ombré

If you're someone with super dark hair and don't want to bleach your whole head for this look, try just adding rainbow colors over dip-dyed ombre ends.


Pretty Panels

Colorful panels pack just as much punch as blended, rainbow highlights.


Taste the Rainbow

We're obsessed with this rainbow dye job! It's literally the rainbow emoji IRL ???? ???? ???? ????. A pretty half top knot really shows off her bright strands, too.


Rainbow Bright

A look this bright is sure to turn heads! Go for bold, big rainbow colors, especially if you want the color to last longer.


Short and Saturated

Who says long hair ladies get all the fun? Short-haired gals can get in on the action too with a head of small, chunky, rainbow sections!


Just a Hint

Don't want to fully commit? No problemo–we get you! Try adding in some colorful extensions to add an extra pop of color to your braid or pony.


Rainbow Roots

Rainbow roots? Why not! Definitely a less conventional approach to the trend, but it's one that is sure to get people talking.


Pick a Shade

Got a ton of friends that want to get in on the colorful hair trend? Here's an idea–have each of your friends pick a color to create your own rainbow!


Cotton Candy Girl

Add drama to ice blonde hair with pretty pastel extensions! You'll be a candy girl living in your very own candy-colored world. And the best part? You can take 'em out whenever.


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