Raini Rodriguez Blogs About Bullying

Last week, Raini Rodriguez shared a guest blog with the Huffington Post to discuss her personal experiences with bullying and the anti-bullying Austin & Ally episode, "Beauties and Bullies."raini rodriguez choose kindness anti bullying austin and ally

In the article, Raini explains that she first experienced bullying after she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. The kids she knew back home in Texas talked behind her back, casting doubt on her abilities and saying that she would never be talented or pretty enough to become a star.

Raini was hurt that her old friends would hurt her feelings like this, but she spoke to her parents, who taught her that her happiness was more important than what anyone thought of her. She discovered that what happened to her was entirely in her own hands. You, too, can make it through by remaining confident and sticking by the friends who will always support you!

From Raini's success on Austin & Ally as Trish De la Rosa, it's clear that she proved her naysayers wrong!

She also talks about her work with Disney's Friends for Change as well as Free the Children, and how those experiences left her feeling empowered!

Over the weekend, a new episode of Austin & Ally also tackled the subject of bullying. "Beauties and Bullies" aired on September 28th.

When Trish is cast as the star in a stage production of Sleeping Beauty, a bully posts a mean comment about her appearance online. Copycats follow, and soon the situation grows far out of control.

Though Trish is incredible cool and confident, the incident does get to her. She hides her pain when others are around, but finally confides in her best friend, Ally, about how it made her feel.

The episode shows that bullying can happen to anyone, but it also gives an important lesson in the importance of kindness and how to overcome bullying and negativity.

The episode is the first from Disney's new Choose Kindness campaign, which aims to educate kids about bullying's lasting negative impacts, and why it's important to always be kind.

Raini also has some great advice in her article about conquering your own bullying situations, and helping others when they're being bullies!

If you're passionate about ending bullying once and for all, join our anti-bullying community at Sweety High!

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