Raini Rodriguez Joins Friends for Change!

Raini Rodriguez has joined Friends for Change in order to help put an end to bullying!

She visited a workshop in L.A. all about inspiring teenage girls to become leaders, recognize bullying and take a strong stand against bullying by taking action to prevent it!

When she was younger, Raini experienced bullying.

"I was bullied because I was too short or maybe because I didn't look exactly like all of the other girls," she said in a video about the experience.

She wants to help other girls realize the harm that bullying can do, and to learn to treat everyone with respect.

The camp also taught teens to communicate with others correctly and to make the right decisions for the future

"When I first came to this leadership camp, I had no idea how it would change my views on the world," Raini said.

TV spots about Raini's anti-bullying adventures will start airing tomorrow on the Disney Channel!

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