12 Reasons Raini Rodriguez Should Be Your #WCW

Raini Rodriguez is pretty much perfect in every way, and since we can't wait to see her in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, which premieres Friday, she's our #WCW this week! Here are a dozen reasons she should be yours, too.

1.  She's always willing to make time for her fans

raini rodriguez fan signing wcw

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2. Because Maya is definitely our favorite Mall Cop character

raini rodriguez and kevin james paul blart mall cop wcw

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3. She also directs!

raini rodriguez director

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4. We're totally jealous of Raini and Laura's friendship

laura marano and raini rodriguez wcw

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5. She's a horror movie fanatic (and reps her love in style)

raini rodriguez freddie kreuger tank wcw

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6. And she never fails to make us laugh

raini rodriguez silly sleeping beauty wcw

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7. Because Trish de la Rosa is our shoe inspiration

raini rodriguez trish de la rosa shoes

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8. We dig her earthy vibes

raini rodriguez peaceful vibes wcw

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9. And her dog, baby, is one of the cutest pups  in the world

raini rodriguez dog baby cute wcw

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10. She IS Minnie Mouse

raini rodriguez minnie mouse wcw

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11. She's a Harmonizer!

raini rodriguez harmonizer

(via Twitter)

12. And Raini inspires other us all to choose kindness. Check out her amazing op-ed for The Huffington Post here!

RAINI RODRIGUEZ austin and ally choose kindness the huffington post

(via The Huffington Post)

Why is Raini your Woman Crush Wednesday? Share your reasons with us in the comments!