5 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day Over Summer

Ah, summer. Thinking about this time of year has most of us seeing images of soaking up our vacation days in the sun, whether it be by a pool, the ocean or just a picnic in the park.

What we don't exactly envision, however—but that is no less a possibility—is our imaginary summer sunshine being ruined by the rain. But a little rain doesn't have to ruin a good day over the summer! Lucky for you, we've got some ideas on how you can still make the most of it with these suggestions for how to spend a rainy day over the summer.

1. Host a Movie Marathon

Rainy days are perfect for cozying up under the covers and settling in with all your favorite snacks to watch your favorite films with friends. A rainy day provides the perfect excuse to stay indoors and be extra lazy, but being surrounded by your friends makes it feel like you still haven't wasted the day. Bonus points for themed movie marathons!


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2. Try a New Workout Class

If you have a membership to a gym, use the rainy day as an excuse to finally sign up for a workout class you've been curious about. Or, if you don't have access to an actual gym, you can search for some good at-home workout routines you can do right from your own room.


3. Have a Paint Night

Grab some cheap canvases, paint and brushes from a local craft store and gather your friends and prepare for more fun than your art classes at school could ever prepare you for. To have a successful paint night, you don't necessarily need to go the traditional route of choosing one painting for everyone to recreate. You can also pick a subject (think "self-portrait" or "favorite memory") and have everyone create something different while chatting and enjoying a creative atmosphere—all without having to brave the rain outdoors.


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4. Have an At-Home Brunch

Sunday brunch is a summer staple, but it just doesn't feel the same in the rain. If your brunch date with the squad gets rained out, worry not—you can have an amazing brunch right from home! Go for a Friendsgiving-style brunch setup that involves everyone bringing at least one thing to contribute to the meal. That way, you have a little bit of everything from the sweet to the savory, not to mention you'll save a good bit of cash by making it all at home.


5. Bring Some Games to a Cafe

If you have a local coffee, boba or tea house that you love to hang out or study at during the school year, why not head there during a rainy summer day and turn it into a hangout spot with your friends? Pick up a personality-style card game (or app) before you go and get to know your friends better by playing some games over your favorite sip-worthy delights.


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Of course, finding a way to spend a rainy summer day is a lot easier when you have a job to go to. And if you need a little extra motivation to get a summer job, just click HERE for our list of reasons to go for it.