Ramen Pizza Is the Food Hybrid You Didn't Know You Needed

To say 2018 has been off to a rough start would be an understatement.

But amid all the chaos, a hero has emerged—and no, we don't mean Black Panther. We're talking about ramen pizza.

This incredible food hybrid we didn't know we needed was created by New Jersey-based eatery Tony Boloney's, in collaboration with Instagram duo Devour Power.

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The pie is made with a ramen noodle crust, shoyu sauce and Japanese mozzarella, topped with a pickled egg and hot sauce. Our two favorite things in one? Sign us up.

Tony Boloney's is no stranger to interesting pizza combinations. If you remember, they created the iconic taco pizza just last year.

It's just like your average pizza, except it comes topped with up to 24 carne asada-stuffed tacos and guacamole. You'd never run out of food at a party with this bad boy.

While the taco pizza has become a permanent staple on the joint's not-so-secret menu, their ramen pizza is only available for a limited time. If you happen to be in the area or planning a trip to NJ, make your way down there stat.

Until then, we'll be signing every petition we can to make ramen pizza something Pizza Hut and Domino's has on their menus across the country.


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