17 Bold Ramones Lyrics to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

There's something totally timeless about the music of the Ramones, so its no wonder their music keeps cropping up in movies like both Spider-Man films and Shazam!

If you adore their classic sound, why not use one of their lyrics as your next Instagram caption? We have a bunch of options below, so feel free to take your pick.

For your summery west coast shot:

"Well I'm going out west where I belong, where the days are short and the nights are long."

-"California Sun"

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For the mirror selfie you take when you're looking cute:

"Standing here in front of the mirror. It's gonna be all right tonight."

-"Chasing the Night"


For when your awesome outfit is the epitome of rock:

"When you raise the roof with your rock and roll you'll get a lot more kicks with a little bit o' soul."

-"Little Bit O Soul"


For when you can't stop daydreaming about that special someone:

"Sitting here with nothin' to do, sitting here thinkin' only of you."

-"Chain Saw"


For when you're really feeling yourself:

"Believe in miracles 'cause I'm one."

-"I Believe in Miracles."


For the photo of you actively trying to make today better than the day before it:

"Walking down the street trying to forget yesterday."

-"Poison Heart"

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For when you're gearing up to confess your love for someone:

"My heart can't wait another day."

-"Baby, I Love You"


For the throwback pic to the beginning of your relationship with your S.O.:

"We was young and in love."



For your latest concert pic:

"You know you like it when the music's loud."



For the shot of you and your friends out and about once the sun has gone down:

"Cool cats strolling after dark."

-"All's Quiet on the Eastern Front"


For the picture documenting something you worked really hard for:

"Happiness is something you've gotta earn."

-"Learn to Listen"


For when you've just had your heart broken:

"Next time I'll listen to my heart. Next time, well I'll be smart."

-"Listen to My Heart"

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For the shot of you tuning out with your giant headphones on at home:

"Sitting in my room, record player on. Sitting in my room humming a sickening tune."

-"Sitting in My Room"


For when you got left out one time and you've feeling mopey about it:

"I am an outsider, outside of everything."



For the pic of you flaunting your individuality:

"She's a little lost girl in her own little world."

-"She Talks to Rainbows"


For the pic of you and your friends looking ready to change the planet:

"We want the world, and we want it now. We're gonna take it anyhow."

-"We Want the Airwaves"


For that incredible moment when you finally get exactly what you wanted:

"Every wish comes true. Most desired dreams, happy endings, too."

-"Highest Trails Above."


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