Our Definitive Ranking of the 5 Best Songs on Taylor Swift's Folklore

Taylor Swift did it again.

Not only did she release an album full of amazing music, but she also took her fans completely by surprise. No one was expecting this album (and certainly not its direction), which somehow makes the music all the more incredible. Instead of the heavy pop sound of her 2019 album Lover, Folklore features acoustic, stripped-down tunes with gorgeous orchestral arrangements.

Folklore is yet another example of Taylor's seemingly unending talent. While it's hard to find a bad song on this album, we definitely have our favorites. Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of the five best songs on Folklore.

5. 'seven'

"seven" really captured our attention for one essential reason—at first sound, the voice on the track sounds nothing like Taylor Swift. Of course, it is Swift's voice accompanying the strings, drums, and acoustic guitars. But this time, Taylor manages to put on a more nuanced version of her singing voice, creating a sound that's simultaneously commanding and complex. The changes in Taylor's voice through the song pull you deeper into the dual personalities at play in the story, forcing you to fully embrace the feel of the music. It's truly impressive and all-around captivating.

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4. 'mirrorball'

All of Folklore features songs that are reminiscent of indie rock, vaulting Taylor into an entirely new musical category she hasn't fully explore before. But "mirrorball" perfectly pairs that new sound with Taylor's soothing, sweet voice and romantic lyrics. It's easy to put on this song and get totally lost in the calming sound. While it doesn't hit as hard as some songs on the album, it captures Taylor's signature sentimentality in a melody we'll never get tired of.


3. 'invisible string'

"invisible string" is another winner on the Folklore album. It almost seems to go back to Taylor's roots in her earlier albums with a chill, acoustic pop sound. The tune is a simple retelling of a love story, again capturing Taylor's penchant for beautiful lyrics that make you feel something. Unlike other, more serious songs on the album, "invisible string" feels happy and upbeat. Although it talks of the highs and lows of a relationship, it eventually lands on the joy that comes with finding your person. It's the kind of song that's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, which is why we love it so much.

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2. 'cardigan'

No list of the best songs on Folklore would be complete without "cardigan." The song completely hypnotizing, and it features enough variation in the chorus and verses that you're captivated the entire way through. The tune makes you want to sway to the music while Taylor tells the complex story of a teenage love triangle. It's truly a beautiful tune and easily one of the best on the entire album.


1. 'exile (feat. Bon Iver)'

Without a doubt, "exile" is the best song on the Folklore album. The tune starts with the soothing sound of Bon Iver's voice, which lends a different feel to the song than the tunes on the rest of the album. Along with the captivating melody, the song features compelling lyrics that draw you into the story of a crumbling relationship told from two sides. The song shows off Taylor's lyrical talent, as well as her ability to create narratives with her music that feel both complex and relatable. We can't get enough of "exile," and we'll probably be playing it on repeat for the next few weeks… or months.

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