A Definitive Ranking of Our Favorite Pop Culture Cuties, Based on Dateability

We can't do many things well, but we're really good at developing totally unrealistic crushes on pop culture icons.

Honestly, is there even a point to the entertainment world if you can't obsess over a slew of crush-worthy hotties? The answer is yes, but we're trying to make a point.

However, as much as we might love every pretty face that graces our television, we can still acknowledge the parts of our pop culture crushes that would make them totally unworthy of actually being our romantic partners.

Keep scrolling for a definitive ranking of our favorite pop culture cuties, based on dateability.

11. Justin Bieber

Despite his massive steps towards self-improvement over the years, The Biebs still ranks at the bottom of our list. Granted, it seems like he's a devoted and loving partner when he really cares about someone, but it feels like he's still got a few personal things he still needs to work out. He's sweet and kind, but a little impulsive and not particularly stable, and stability is crucial to the success of a relationship.

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10. Finn Wolfhard

Before you freak out about this ranking, let us explain. Finn's place at No. 10 on our list is mostly due to his age. Fifteen is pretty young to understand what it takes to have a truly successful relationship, and with very little dating history, it's pretty likely that Finn would be totally lost in terms of how to be a good boyfriend. Plus, our fave Stranger Things cutie has a ton of important career moves to make right now and doesn't need to be weighed down by a relationship. We're sure his ranking will change as he gets older, but for now we stand by our assessment.


9. Harry Styles

As much as we love Harry, we're not totally convinced he'd make a good boyfriend. Sure, he always has some kind of romantic relationship in the works, but they've all been pretty short-lived. In our opinion, Harry's just choosing his priorities, and right now his priority is not a hot-and-heavy romance. We're totally fine with that, but it still puts him at No. 9 on our list.

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8. Joe Keery

Oh, Joe Keery—we love you. Joe seems totally quirky and fun in a way we can completely appreciate, but sometimes we think that we're falling in love with Steve Harrington rather than Joe Keery. Joe seems to have all kinds of great qualities, but he's a totally different person than Steve Harrington, and remembering that simple fact pushed him to No. 8 on our list.


7. Zayn Malik

We totally believe that Zayn Malik makes an awesome boyfriend. He's had a quite few romantic relationships with partners who genuinely love him, and the relationships always seem to last a long time. However, Zayn also seems to crumble when his relationships fall apart. His recent split with Gigi Hadid cause quite a few strange decisions, which means that he might be channeling too much of himself into his romantic partners. We have no doubt he's a great boyfriend, but having a romantic relationship because you struggle with being alone isn't the healthiest choice.

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6. Cole Sprouse

Cole stole our hearts the very first time he appeared on our TV screens in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Since then, he's grown from an adorable little kid into a rugged man, who totally has our hearts beating just a little bit faster every time we see him. While we love Cole's stubbornness and highly opinionated nature, it could be a small impediment to a truly successful romantic relationship. Not that we wouldn't date him or anything—we're just trying to think clearly beyond his pretty face.


5. Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are the ultimate #CoupleGoals. Even though their relationship had its ups and downs, they've stuck by each other since they met, which was almost 10 years ago now. Liam's commitment to and support for Miley makes him one of the most dateable pop culture cuties ever. He's only No. 5 on our list because he's so committed to Miley that we can't date him, which would totally have been possible if not for her, right?


4. Charlie Puth

Despite his documented dramatic history with women, we still think Charlie would make a great boyfriend. He seems like someone who just really wants to find love, which would make him totally committed and adoring in a romantic relationship. Plus, if his last album is any indication, the dating world has left him a little discouraged, which is usually the moment when you're finally ready to fully commit to someone and create a great relationship.


3. Shawn Mendes

Honestly, Shawn Mendes just seems like the sweetest little nugget to ever grace the earth. He has a certain authenticity that has us falling head over heels in love with him (and clearly we're not the only ones). We think Shawn would be the perfect romantic partner, and we would be able to demand that he sing to us every day. Talk about relationship goals.

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2. Tom Holland

If you're not in love with Tom Holland it's fine, but you're wrong. Tom is basically our ultimate celebrity crush. He has a great sense of humor, a good heart, and we're positive he would be an endlessly supportive romantic partner—just look at what a good friend he is to Zendaya. The only reason he's not at the top of our list is that his adorable forgetfulness (aka his inability to keep a secret) might get a little frustrating in a relationship situation. Other than that, Tom is basically our perfect man.

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1. KJ Apa

That's right, people. KJ Apa is the most dateable pop culture cutie (sorry, Cole!), and it's not just because we're obsessed with Riverdale. KJ is sweet and kind, with an open mind and a great sense of humor—all amazing qualities to look for in a potential love interest. Plus, we don't think we'd ever get tired of looking at that face (or those abs).


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