Our Definitive Ranking of the Most Memorable Disney Channel Halloween Movies

Halloween means pumpkins, costumes, candy… and obviously some of our favorite Disney Channel Halloween movies.

But, as we all know, not all DCOMs—particularly the Halloween flicks—are created equal.

Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of the most memorable Disney Channel Halloween movies.

13. Return to Halloweentown (2006) 

This movie ranks at the bottom of our list, primarily because of the unforgivable casting change. After three movies, you can't just cast a brand new Marnie Piper and expect us to forget about the beloved Marnie of Halloweens past. If there were going to make such a colossal recast they had to create a truly breathtaking movie, and we just don't think Return to Halloweentown made enough of an impression to forgive such a massive change.

Return to Halloweentown

(Return to Halloweentown via The Disney Channel)


12. Girl vs. Monster (2012) 

Despite the fact that it was created more recently, Girl vs. Monster just doesn't capture the same magic as some other Disney Channel Halloween movies. The story features Skylar, who finds out that she's a fifth-generation monster hunter on the night before Halloween. How did she find out? Well, she accidentally released a dangerous monster, of course. Unfortunately, the movie came off a little too cheesy and gimmicky for our taste, and the inclusion of the musical numbers felt forced and unnatural. Sorry, Girl vs. Monster, you just didn't live up to our high Halloween standards.

girl vs. monster

(Girls vs. Monster via The Disney Channel)


11. Twitches Too (2007) 

Twitches Too follows twin witches Alex and Camryn as they begin their journey to learn more about their recently discovered powers. When they find out their father may still be alive, the two teens must find a way to reconcile their many differences and save the day once again. While Tia and Tamera Mowry clearly shine on screen together, the plot felt a little rushed at times and a little too flat at others. We liked getting another glimpse into this magical world and a few more scenes involving this dynamic duo, but as a whole, the storyline of the film just didn't hold our attention like some other Disney Channel Halloween favorites.

Tia and Tamara Mowry in Twitches Too

(Twitches Too via The Disney Channel)


10. Under Wraps (1997) 

This older Halloween DCOM follows three 12-year-olds who find a mummy and accidentally bring it to life. It's charming and funny, especially for the time period, but we just don't find it quite as compelling as some of the newer films. The story is fairly simplistic in comparison to more convoluted plot lines of other Halloween flicks, and the sweet characters and comedic effect just isn't enough to beat out some of our more well-known favorites.

under wraps

(Under Wraps via The Disney Channel)


9. Phantom of the Megaplex (2000) 

Loosely based on one of our Broadway faves, The Phantom of the Opera, The Phantom of the Megaplex follows 12-year-old Pete Riley in his part-time job at his local movie theater. However, things quickly take a turn for the spooky when disappearing staff, broken machines and malfunctioning equipment threaten a major motion picture premiere. We love revisiting the phantom storyline and we spent the whole movie trying to figure out exactly who (or what) was haunting this theater. It's a fun Halloween film that's not too serious, making it perfectly enjoyable for a Halloween night spent at home.

phantom of the megaplex

(Phantom of the Megaplex via The Disney Channel)


8. Halloweentown High (2004) 

Halloweentown High follows (the real!!) Marnie Piper as she attends—you guessed it—high school. After a bit of back and forth, Marnie and her pals are approved to attend high school in a nearby mortal community, despite their magical status. But if anything happens during their time there, Marnie and her friends will lose their powers forever. The storyline of this movie brings the supernatural world down to the human level, making it oddly relatable and fun to watch. While we might not have our own powers, we love the idea that witches may be hiding among us. While it's not the best DCOM we've ever seen, it's fun and lighthearted, planting it firmly in the middle of our list.

halloweentown high

(Halloweentown High via The Disney Channel)


7. Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire (2000) 

When Chelsea and Adam are grounded on the very night that they have some major social plans, they'll do just about anything to get their mom out of the house… even setting her up on a date with a vampire. The plot of this movie is easy to follow and lighthearted, despite the potential disasters associated with dating a blood-sucking monster. In general, it's just a fun movie to watch that doesn't make you think too hard, which is a nice change from other Halloween classics that constantly have you on the edge of your seat. After all, sometimes we need a break from all the scary stuff to ensure we don't freak ourselves out too much.

Moms got a date with a vampire

(Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire via The Disney Channel)


6. Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge (2001) 

Honestly, it's pretty hard to hate any of the Halloweentown movies—at least the ones that feature the real Marnie. Halloweentown II finds our heroes stuck between two worlds, both of which are threatening to fall apart. It maintains the same spooky fun of the first Halloweentown while still providing a solid storyline that had us rooting for the Cromwell family to save the day. Obviously it can't beat out the original, but it's still worth a Halloween watch.

Halloweentown two

(Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge via The Disney Channel)


5. Twitches (2005) 

Twitches, Too may have ranked fairly low on our list, but the first Twitches is one of our Halloween faves. Although the story is fairly predictable and basic, we love watching these two twin witches bond, and we can't help but smile at the idea that love will always prevail. This film takes a time-honored storyline and reinvents it with comedy, magic and fun, making it a must-watch Halloween classic.

Twitches: tia and tamara mowry holding hands

(Twitches via The Disney Channel)


4. Now You See It (2005) 

In this DCOM, Alyson Miller and Danny Sinclair pair up to win the famous Mystic Max magic competition, which will lead them to the stardom they've been searching for. But they get a bit more than they bargained for when long-kept secrets hidden in the founding magician's mansion come to light. This movie is slightly darker than other DCOM classics, making it especially interesting and exciting to watch around Halloween. It feels slow at times, which can hinder the enjoyable viewing experience, but overall it comes together nicely and creates a story worthy of occupying your Halloween evening.

now you see it

(Now You See It via The Disney Channel)


3. Don't Look Under the Bed (1999) 

Unlike many Disney Channel Halloween movies, Don't Look Under the Bed can actually uphold the title of horror film. It follows a young teen named Frances as she and her imaginary friend try to capture the boogeyman who's framing Francis for his wicked deeds. This movie has some legitimately scary moments, which we mostly attribute to the fact that it taps into some genuine childhood fears. While we don't want to watch this flick all the time, there's something very satisfying about scaring yourself on Halloween night, which is why we've put this spooky film so high on our list.

don't look under the bed

(Don't Look Under the Bed via The Disney Channel)


2. Scream Team (2002) 

When Claire and Ian return to their grandfather's hardware shop following his death, they quickly realize that their grandfather's spirit never crossed over and found peace… and it's their job to make sure he does. Much like Don't Look Under the Bed, this film was honestly scary, especially as a child. But that's exactly what made it so good. It has higher stakes than many other DCOM originals, and it actually has a very interesting and compelling plot line. Beyond the scary parts, it's also legitimately funny, making it one of our DCOM Halloween faves.

scream team

(Scream Team via The Disney Channel)


1. Halloweentown (1998) 

As much as we might try, we simply can't escape the fact that Halloweentown is one of our ultimate Disney Channel Halloween faves. At this point, it might be the nostalgia associated with watching this movie year after year, but we don't care. It has everything we want in a good Halloween movie: witches, spells, magic, monsters, ghosts and some old-fashioned family love. Considering we'll watch it this year and all the years to come, there's really no other choice for our favorite Disney Channel Halloween movie.

halloweentown: Marnie and family in the city

(Halloweentown via The Disney Channel)

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