Our Definitive Ranking of Every Friends Thanksgiving Episode, From Good to Spectacular

We love every episode of Friends. 

Seriously, there's something truly fantastic about every installment of this iconic show, and that includes the Thanksgiving episodes. But watching our favorite pals navigate the ins and outs of turkey day got us thinking, while all the holiday-themed episodes are good, which ones are truly great? We decided to find out.

Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of every Friends Thanksgiving episode, from good to spectacular.

10. Season 7

Season 7's Thanksgiving episode is aptly named "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs," which is exactly why it's at the bottom of our list. Everything Chandler Bing does is perfect and above reproach, except this massive flaw. Seriously, who doesn't like dogs? Why did the writers feel the need to ruin our favorite character like that? Beyond that, this episode doesn't have much to offer plot-wise and contains a lot of annoying Ross moments, so it's definitely at the bottom of our list.

The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs

(Friends via NBC)


9. Season 4

We are not big fans of "The One With Chandler in a Box." For starters, Chandler and Joey are in a massive argument because Joey caught Chandler kissing Kathy. It's a totally valid reason to be angry, but we hate it when these two soulmates fight. In addition, Monica ends up at the eye doctor, who just so happens to be Richard's son. She invites him to Thanksgiving dinner and even kisses him, which grosses us out slightly considering her intense history with Richard. Overall, it's an episode full of our fave characters making terrible romantic decisions, which is normal, but still unforgivable.

The One With Chandler in a Box

(Friends via NBC)


8. Season 10

Up until the final few minutes, "The One With the Late Thanksgiving" is just "eh." Monica and Chandler don't want to make Thanksgiving dinner, but they agree to cook anyway because Phoebe suggests that they compete with last year's meal. Then, Phoebe and Rachel head off to a baby beauty pageant with Emma, and Joey and Ross head off to a Rangers game, making everyone an hour late for dinner. Monica is understandably furious, but forgets all about it when she and Chandler get a call about adopting a baby. That one moment is undeniably cute, but other than that the rest of the episode is pretty flat and unexciting.

The One With the Late Thanksgiving

(Friends via NBC)


7. Season 9

This episode is peak Monica, which we can't help but love. A good chunk of the storyline revolves around her nerves about using her wedding china for Thanksgiving dinner. It's the controlling, uptight Monica we know and love—how could we not appreciate it? Unfortunately, the episode is ruined by the appearance of Rachel's sister, who spends the whole dinner offending everyone and whining about not being Emma's godmother. In addition to being a random storyline, Amy's behavior is also totally over-the-top, which really puts a damper on the whole episode.  We love Monica, but we hate Amy, giving "The One With Rachel's Other Sister" a lower ranking on our list.

The One With Rachel's Other Sister

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6. Season 2

Season Two's "The One With the List" is an infuriating episode. After we just saw Rachel and Ross share their magical kiss outside of Central Perk, Ross manages to mess it up by suddenly becoming torn between Rachel and Julie. He'll only be in love with Rachel for his entire life, but sure, it totally makes sense that he needs a pros and cons list to make this decision. Other than a minor mention of Thanksgiving, this episode doesn't really have much to offer in terms of a holiday theme. Plus, it was actually a little depressing to see Ross ruin things with Rachel so quickly. Still, it advances the storyline of the show, planting this episode firmly in the middle of our list.

The One With the List

(Friends via NBC)


5. Season 6

You gotta love an episode with the Geller parents. Not only are Jack and Judy flawless in this episode, but we also get another taste of the catty side of Monica and Ross. We don't often see their sibling rivalry, so it's pretty entertaining to watch them spiral back into competitive children whenever their parents are around. This episode is funny and lighthearted, and it shows the best side of all the characters. Although Rachel's trifle looks disgusting, we love that she's so committed to helping with Thanksgiving dinner. All in all, we have no complaints about this holiday-themed episode.

Friends; rachel making her trifle

(Friends via NBC)


4. Season 1

Sometimes the first holiday episode misses the mark, but that's definitely not the case with "The One Where Underdog Gets Away." This Season 1 Thanksgiving episode actually takes the time to explain why all the friends end up spending Thanksgiving together. Although it's a long process, they all eventually come to realize how important their friendship truly is, making them thankful that they were able to spend the holiday together. We know they love each other, but sometimes we like to be reminded of it, and this episode definitely pulls that off.

The One Where Underdog Gets Away

(Friends via NBC)


3. Season 3

Remember how we said we love Ross and Monica's sibling rivalry? Well, "The One With the Football" gives us plenty of not-so-healthy brother-sister competition. The gang all agrees to play their own football game, despite the fact that Monica and Ross haven't been able to play football since Monica broke Ross' nose in 6th grade. The game drags on for the entire episode, but there's enough going on that we don't get bored. Plus, who doesn't love a little lighthearted football on Thanksgiving?

The One With the Football

(Friends via NBC)


2. Season 8

We can't help but love "The One With the Rumor." Why, you ask? Because it's The One With Brad Pitt, obviously. It's a little bittersweet to see Brad and Jennifer together in the episode now, considering they were married at the time, but, thankfully, that doesn't detract from the total perfection of the storyline. Since Rachel often gets everything she wants, we can't help but appreciate someone who hates her as deeply as Will does. Plus, Joey eating a 19-pound turkey reminds us that we're never that gluttonous on Thanksgiving.

The One With the Rumor

(Friends via NBC)


1. Season 5

Monica wearing a turkey on her head? How could this not be our favorite Thanksgiving episode? "The One With All the Thanksgivings" is all about Chandler and Monica's relationship, which, for the record, is much better than Rachel and Ross' annoying romance. Not only that, it's the first time Chandler tells Monica he loves her. They love each other, we love this episode and all's right in the world.

The One With All the Thanksgivings

(Friends via NBC)


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