A Ranking of the Best McDonald's Snacks to Hold You Over During A Busy Day

Picture this: You're running a million errands and realized that it's been hours since you've had a proper meal—but you also know your mom is making something extra special for dinner tonight.

A Chipotle bowl is simply out of the question, and as nice as a Starbucks latte sounds, it's not exactly going to fill you up. (And, in fact, it would probably just give you a stomach ache at this point.) So what are you going to do?

Fortunately, the golden arches of McDonald's appear like an oasis in the desert. You're not down for a full-on meal, but a snack does sound appealing. The question here is: What are you going to get?

We've been there. If you're looking for an emergency snack situation, here are the best McDonald's options out there.


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6. Apple Slices

This is definitely one of the healthier options on the McDonald's menu (which, uh, isn't exactly known for the healthiest of bites) and is convenient for snacking on the go. (Biting into a full apple while driving? Just not going to happen.) Alas, these apple wedges aren't exactly the most filling, so instead of just buying a single pack, splurge and grab two.


5. Fruit and Maple Oatmeal

If you hit McDonald's at the right time and can score this breakfast item, it'll definitely hold you over. These oats have a little protein, a little fruit and two different kinds of raisins. (We mean, that's a rare thing, you know?) It's not exactly the easiest food to eat on the go, so maybe pull into the parking lot to scarf it down before going on your merry way.


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4. Sausage Burrito

Mexican food at McDonald's? Normally, we wouldn't advise, but this portable breakfast item is definitely a good call if you're looking for a light bite that is still packed with protein. If only they made a vegetarian (or even vegan) option. Sigh.


3. Baked Apple Pie

One of McDonald's iconic desserts. Yes, it may give you a bit of a sugar rush, but the nostalgia you feel biting into this buttery goodness may fuel you all the way through your Target returns.


2. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

A strawberry banana smoothie is super practical. You can drink it in the car, carry it into any store you need to go to and get a decent dose of fiber and vitamins along the way. It may not be as filling as, say, a hamburger, but it will certainly hold you over between meals.


1. World Famous Fries

We mean, look. Healthy? Nah. Delicious? Yes. There is simply no beating this iconic McDonald's side, and that includes fries at any other fast food establishment in existence. Slide the fries in one cupholder and a cup of ketchup or BBQ sauce in the other, and you have a truly legendary snack experience. You're welcome.


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