Definitive Ranking of 8 NYE Priorities, From Least to Most Important

It's about that time!

The night we gear up for, for 364 days every year, is right around the corner. Yep, it's almost New Year's Eve, which means we have a lot of prepping to do for this one (not so simple) night.

Much of our anticipation is quite overhyped. While you should aim to have a memorable evening, some parts of the experience require a greater focus than others. Keep reading for our definitive ranking of eight NYE priorities, from least to most important:

8. Wearing Something Expensive

With everything you'll need to spend money on during your big night out, an expensive outfit shouldn't be one of them. Sure, you'll likely want to wear something new to go into the year with a bang, but do not break the bank just for the heck of it. Chances are, you'll probably only wear this outfit once, so there's no need to go overboard. But you should definitely keep it cute—and don't be scared to go overboard with sparkle.


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7. Having a New Year's Kiss

Finding someone to smooch when the ball drops can seem like an angsty priority, but it's really not that big of a deal. It's not like the outcome of your upcoming year will all be determined by who you kissed (or didn't) at midnight. Don't get us wrong, a passionate liplock with someone you care about is always nice, but desperately seeking someone to smooch just for the sake of it is totally unnecessary. Don't take the fun out of your overall evening by stressing over this small factor—it's seriously not a big deal.


6. Going Somewhere Super Fancy

Much like buying the expensive outfit, going somewhere over-the-top on NYE isn't necessary. Sure, you'll probably want to dress up, leave the house and be with people, but as long as the vibes are good, the actual luxuriousness of the outing really is irrelevant.

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5. Counting Down to Midnight

One of the most thrilling parts of NYE is that several-second countdown just before midnight. Running around to find your friends and make sure you're all together when the ball drops is exciting. In your mind, you're thinking about your fresh start, and the person you want to be in the new year. And then as soon as 12 a.m. hits, it's endless hugs and kisses, and people are all sorts of celebratory. Falling asleep or missing out on the countdown defeats the purpose of the whole night.


4. Looking Your Best

While it's not necessary to purchase something expensive on NYE, putting effort into your appearance is key. This night is about putting your best foot forward and celebrating new beginnings. If there's one night of the year to get a blowout or head over to the MAC counter, this is it!

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3. Setting Positive Intentions for the New Year

Taking a moment to give yourself a pep talk is super important on NYE. Whether you want to write down your hopes and dreams in a journal, or you want to sit on your bed and meditate about your goals, really putting out the vibes of what you want and thinking about how you can make it happen is necessary for starting your year off on the right foot.


2. Having Transportation Figured Out

If there's one word to describe NYE, it's chaotic. Roads are madhouses and cabs are expensive. Be smart about your planning and make sure you have transportation figured out way in advance. Whether it's bribing a parent to stay up and swoop you, or getting a pal to take their car out for the night, the last thing you want to be is stranded after the celebratory festivities have died down.

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1. Spending It With Someone You Care About

Above all else, spending NYE with someone you care about is the most important part of the night. Whether it's a close friend, an S.O. or even a family member, as long as you love your company, the night is a success in itself. All the glitz and glamour of the evening is meaningless if you're not with someone special. Put your prime focus into being with at least one person you truly care about, and the rest will fall into place.


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