Ranking of Sephora's 9 Best Selling Skincare Brands

Sephora is any makeup or skincare lover's dream come true.

Since we're total beauty fanatics here at Sweety High, we've tried our fair share of products and brands. And you know who carries all of our favorites in one place? Sephora, duh!

We decided to rank our absolute favorites along with our No. 1  product pick, just for you. And keep in mind, it was extremely difficult ranking these, because we love all of these brands so much! Keep reading for our ranking of Sephora's nine best-selling skincare brands.

9. Fresh

Fresh Beauty is a very well-known beauty brand with a major indie vibe. They have products in virtually every realm of skincare you can imagine, making it a popular choice over at Sephora. One of their best-sellers is the Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash ($38,) an item we've actually tried out ourselves. It will literally get rid of mascara and not sting your eyes and leaves your skin with a silky finish. Plus, with over 8,000 reviews on Sephora (most of which are positive), it's a tried-and-true product you should try out if you're on the hunt for a face wash. We love their chic packaging, but it quite frankly doesn't measure up to the other brands on this list.


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8. Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection is an absolute godsend because they have all the products, ranging from makeup  to skincare to hair to fragrance and more. We got over makeup removing wipes a long time ago because they're so wasteful to the environment, however, sometimes you just need a wipe! That's where Sephora Collection comes in. Their Cleansing & Exfoliating Wipes ($8) in the coconut water flavor are meant to be used in a pickle, and they're full of good-for-you coconut. With almost 4,000 mostly glowing reviews on Sephora, it's definitely a trustworthy product and brand.

sephora brand

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7. Clinique

You probably know about Clinique because your mom used it, or it was your first brand in skincare. For a lot of young girls, this is a great go-to brand to get started with, and it's a total classic—one we'll always trust! On Sephora's site, their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + ($29.50) got over 75,000 "hearts," so yeah, it's safe to say this product is a total game-changer. As beauty writers, we get sent a lot of products to review for free, but this is one we'd dish our own money out to buy.


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Korean skincare giant LANEIGE first hopped on our radars when we learned about their dedication to hydration. Since a lot of us are prone to dry skin or even dry spots, this is a brand that needs to get a second look. One of their best-sellers on Sephora is the Lip Sleeping Mask ($22,) which is meant to be smothered on the lips and left on overnight. With almost 12,000 reviews on this product, customers have fallen in love with the hyaluronic acid and vitamin C-infused lip mask. With an affordable price range, this brand is accessible to pretty much everyone.


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5. Youth to the People

If you know us, you know we live for a good face mask. Whether it's clay, a sheet, gel or something in between, we're always down to try it out. Youth to the People has a mask that we're absolutely obsessed with, and it has over 133,000 "hearts" on Sephora! The Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask ($48,) while pricey, is totally worth it. This brand uses good-for-you products, so you never have to worry about what's going on your skin. This specific mask is meant to be worn overnight, when it will combat dryness and hydrate and plump the skin. After all, who doesn't want to wake up looking amazing?

youth to the people

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4. Drunk Elephant

If you're not familiar with the brand Drunk Elephant, every product is free of what the founder refers to as "the suspicious six," which are basically just six really bad ingredients for your skin. This brand will work for anyone with any type of skin—trust! On Sephora's site, their C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum ($80) has a whopping 230,000 "hearts." Customers love the vitamin C aspect of the product, and say the price point is well worth it, as you get what you're paying for. After all, wouldn't you rather dish out more money on a product you know is going to work its magic?

drunk elephant

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3. La Mer

When we think of La Mer, we imagine complete luxury. And while we've only been able to get our hands on these products through samples at Sephora, the glowing reviews speak to how incredible this brand is, landing itself in our top three. Perhaps their most popular product, the Crème de la Mer Moisturizer ($190,) which has over 76,000 "hearts," will actually make your bank account weep. This is the type of brand you get to use when you're successful and making the big bucks, but hey, a girl can dream!

la mer

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2. Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays, the brand founded by Marianna Hewitt (the OG influencer), was made with real people in mind. Marianna and her co-founder took their experiences and expertise and formed an incredible product, the Jet Lag Mask ($48.) This product is universally loved and especially adored by fellow influencers. Since this is the product that put them on the map and on our radar, it deserves its place in our number two. Plus, Sephora users are obsessed, which can be seen through the 130,000 "hearts."

summer fridays

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1. Glow Recipe

And earning our number one spot of best-selling brands from Sephora is Glow Recipe! This company is all about embracing fruit, whether it's banana, avocado, watermelon or something else. Not only do their products smell deliciously fruity, but they work wonders, as well. The product with the most glowing reviews (no pun intended) is their Watermelon Glow PHA +BHA Pore-Tight Toner ($34.) It's interesting because it isn't quite as liquidy as most toners, as it has an almost gel-like feel. It's safe to say Glow Recipe is in a league of its own.

glow recipe

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