Ranking 10 Big Pop Culture Trends Amid Quarantine, Based On How Cool They Actually Are

It feels like quarantine has lasted about 84 years.

We started this journey in late February/early March and a whole lot has happened since we've been stuck at home. In fact, quarantine has created its own phases full of pop culture trends that define a few weeks of our social distancing experience. These trends give us a specific place to focus our attention, and they help us to feel connected with the rest of the world.

Of course, not all trends are created equal. Keep scrolling for our ranking of the 10 biggest pop culture trends amid quarantine, based on how cool they actually are.

10. Everyone Joins TikTok

TikTok used to be a platform dedicated solely to Gen Z. But when quarantine first started, everyone and their mother suddenly discovered this video-based app. People were joining the platform right and left, trying to get in on the fun while clogging up feeds with their subpar videos. What was once a Gen Z paradise was now packed with millennials and boomers trying their best to be cool.

In some ways, having more people on TikTok is fun. But in other ways, the new people flocking to the app are taking away some of the excitement for Gen Z-ers. If people have to try to be cool on TikTok, they're probably not that cool. Maybe they'll lose all their focus once quarantine ends and the app can go back to the fun place it used to be.

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9. Murder Hornets

The announcement that murder hornets made it to North America had us all panicking for, like, two days. Apparently, murder hornets are giant hornets with the capabilities to devastate bee populations. They don't really interfere with humans, but just the name "murder hornets" makes it sound like we're all going to be wiped out by a flock of killer bees.

Let's get one thing straight: There's nothing cool about giant bugs. The murder hornets were such a random announcement and we all forgot about them within days after the initial fear faded away. Either way, this wasn't a fun part of quarantine.


8. Zoom Parties

When quarantine first started, Zoom parties were all the rage. People were hopping on giant video calls with all their friends. Some people even went the extra mile to have themed Zoom parties.

But then everyone realized that Zoom parties are super lame. It's hard to catch up with multiple friends at a time when you're all competing to be heard on what is basically a telephone. The Zoom parties were a fun way to stay connected in theory, but in practice they were often frustrating. If you're still doing Zoom calls, good for you! As for us, we'd rather be alone all the time than listen to 30 friends screaming through our computers.


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7. Outer Banks 

A big part of our quarantine life has revolved around the latest and greatest entertainment. When Outer Banks premiered, it gave us all something to obsess over, at least temporarily. This teen drama series had everything: mystery, romance, cute boys, etc. Unfortunately, Outer Banks didn't have enough to keep us entertained for long.

While we watched all the episodes within a couple of days and obsessed over the cast for the following week, our addiction to this show quickly dwindled away. We're super excited for season two, but the short lifespan of this trend means it just can't be one of the coolest parts of quarantine.

Outer Banks - Kiara and John B

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6. Influencer-Approved Face Masks

Once the government told us to wear masks, everyone started obsessing over how to make the face coverings fashion-friendly. Suddenly influencers were advertising their new line of face masks and promising that you could still be cute in the middle of a pandemic.

On one hand, this is really good thing. Wearing masks keeps you safe and protected, so showing everyone that you're wearing one is totally cool. On the other hand, some people literally couldn't care less about custom, influencer-approved face masks. Face masks are functional. If you want to get something cute, more power to you. But in reality, it doesn't make sense to spend more money on something you can just make yourself.

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5. Tiger King 

Much like Outer Banks, Tiger King was also a quarantine trend focused on the latest entertainment. When the series first premiered on Netflix, people couldn't get enough. Joe Exotic was such an interesting character, and his life was full of so many twists and turns that we couldn't help but binge-watch every episode.

Unlike Outer Banks, the Tiger King obsession lasted a little longer. Even now, the internet is full of hilarious memes that find their roots in the show. We'll probably be quoting lines from this series for years. And to think it all started in the middle of quarantine.


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4. Trolling Politicians

While certain parts of quarantine were full of fun and laughs, there are also many serious things that have happened during this time. As the tension builds across the country, teens have found their own way to speak out and pursue change. Namely, teens have started trolling politicians on TikTok.

Remember when we said TikTok was made for Gen Z? This generation has learned how to use the app so well that they're now interfering in politics across the country. We have to admit—this trend is pretty cool. It'll probably lose some momentum like most other quarantine trends, but right now it's incredible to see what a driven group of Gen Z-ers can do using a social media app.


3. Baking Bread

Quarantine was only a few weeks in, and what did everyone do? They started baking bread. At first, baking bread sounded ridiculous. But then quarantine just kept going and going and suddenly we understood why people would want to put all the time and effort into baking their own bread—it allows them to fill the long, long hours of the day!

Now, baking bread is one of our favorite trends. Is really is cool to see all these loafs coming together on social media and to learn a little more about the process. Also, we'll probably never get bored of seeing fresh-baked bread on our feed. We might not try it, but we don't mind this quarantine trend.

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2. 'Savage' TikTok Dance

While everyone was getting on TikTok at the beginning of quarantine, the "Savage" dance challenge was also making its rounds on the app. There's a reason for that—the dance and song are freaking catchy. Even though it feels like we heard it about a million times a day, the "Savage" trend is still one of our favorite quarantine periods.

The dance always looks a little different depending on who's doing it, and the song never really gets old. Plus, everyone who does the dance correctly manages to look effortlessly cool. We don't know how they do it, but we're not complaining.


1. Animal Crossing

Last, but certainly not least, we have to consider Animal Crossing: New Horizons one of the best periods of quarantine. The game released for the Nintendo Switch on March 20, and committed fans immediately jumped on the opportunity to waste hours of their quarantined day.

In a time that's stressful and full of unknowns, Animal Crossing is the good, wholesome fun we need. Shockingly enough, the game never really gets boring. It just demands that you wander around, live your best life, and interact with your animal friends. That's exactly what we need during this uncertain time.

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