A Definitive Ranking of the Best Smucker's Jam Flavors

Smucker's is a household name, especially when it comes to jams.

For years, this company's made the best spreads we've ever put on toast, scones, sandwiches and a whole plethora of other foods.

We're probably one of the biggest fans of their jams, so we thought we'd rank all nine of their flavors.

Scroll below to see if you agree with our ranking:

9. Red Plum Jam

One of the reasons we're not too fond of this jam is because it's pretty hard to find. Not every store carries it, so we've only had it a handful of times, which is why it's ranked lowest on our list. And the few times we have tasted it, it was this weird balance of sweet and tart. Sometimes it was too tart, others it was too sweet. The balance is a bit off.

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8. Seedless Boysenberry Jam

Again, this is another flavor that's both sugary and sour. It's balanced a little bit better than the red plum jam, but it's a very close call. Also, because it is seedless, the texture is almost a bit more liquidy than we'd like. We'll take the seeds, please!

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7. Seedless Raspberry-Blackberry Jam

There's a lot going on with this jam, what with the combination of raspberries and blackberries, not to mention that it's also of the seedless variety. It's not bad. We actually kind of like this very berry spread, but it just doesn't pair all that well with a lot of things. Toast, yes. Anything else? Not so much.


6. Seedless Blackberry Jam

We love a good blackberry jam, but for some reason, we can't get onboard with the seedless version. It still has the same great tangy flavor as blackberry jam, but it feels a bit watered down without the seeds. It is a lot smoother to spread on toast, however, than the regular blackberry jam, so we'll give it that.

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5. Seedless Strawberry Jam

We adore strawberry jam with all our heart, and the seedless version of this flavor is just as delicious, but it always feels like it's missing something. Oh, that's right, it's missing the seeds!

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4. Seedless Red Raspberry Jam

Though we're clearly not a fan of seedless jams, the one we're all about is the seedless red raspberry jam. Probably because raspberries are the perfect bittersweet fruit, this jam is flavored to perfection. It's also a super summery jam, so we add it to our toast or scone during the winter months when we wanted to be reminded of the warmer ones.

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3. Concord Grape Jam

We know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but the concord grape jam tastes the best with any peanut butter pairing. Seriously, the best PB&J you will ever have will feature this very jam. It pretty much gets everything right, the only downside being it's not our fave when eaten by itself.

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2. Strawberry Jam

A classic jam, Smucker's strawberry jam has been an integral part of our lives ever since we can remember. Sweet and juicy, this jam knows what's up. Not only can you spread it on sandwiches, but it's the perfect topping on some vanilla or chocolate ice cream. From desserts to main courses, you can find a way to incorporate this jam into any dish you please. Time to get creative in the kitchen!

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1. Blackberry Jam

Edging ahead of strawberry jam by just a nose, blackberry is our favorite Smucker's spread that's ever existed. It encompasses everything that's good in the world with its rich, tangy flavor. Jams are best when paired with other foods, and the same is true for this jam, but we can also eat it straight from the jar. It's the reason it's No. 1 in our hearts and stomachs.

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