What to Know About Bunk'd Actor Raphael Alejandro

If you love Disney Channel'Bunk'd, chances are that you can't get enough of Raphael Alejandro, who's played Matteo Silva on the series since its third season.

You might be surprised to find that Raphael is a bit more adventurous than his cautious and pessimistic character Matteo. In fact, he's a number of things that you might not suspect. And since Season 5 of Bunk'd began last Friday, Jan. 15, we think he deserves some celebration. He's our Man Crush Monday this week, and here's what we think you should know about him.

Raphael Alejando Man Crush Monday

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Name: Raphael Alejandro

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birthday: August 22

Zodiac sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. Raphael is a busy guy and hasn't ever participated in organized sports, but he loves them. He loves going to baseball, basketball and hockey games, and has even taken baseball, basketball and tennis classes.

"My favorite baseball team is the L.A. Dodgers and my favorite basketball team is the Toronto Raptors. My favorite hockey team is the Montreal Canadians. Go Habs Go!"

-Raphael Alejandro

2. Music tends to inspire him.

"I think that music opens my mind so I can be creative."

-Raphael Alejandro

3. Of all the Disney princes, he relates to Aladdin most.

"He is kind, funny, loyal, honest, fair and adventurous. Also, Aladdin wishes people would look beyond the labels and see him for whom he really is."

-Raphael Alejandro

4. No matter what happens, he knows how to pick himself back up.

"When I get discouraged, I try to refocus myself by breathing, taking a moment and truly believing that I can do it no matter how hard the challenge is."

-Raphael Alejandro

5. Yellow is his favorite color.

"My favorite color is yellow. I find that yellow gives me a sense of happiness, which helps me find my happy place."

-Raphael Alejandro

6. He's completely obsessed with clothes.

"love jackets and sneakers, especially Air Jordans."

-Raphael Alejandro

7. He says his biggest character quirks are his dimples—and the fact that he can speak four languages.

8. He couldn't live without strawberries.

"I love strawberries and I could eat them any time of the day."

-Raphael Alejandro

9. His biggest hero is his mom.

"She is a true inspiration for me because every time I feel down, I remember how hard it was for her to overcome breast cancer. And to have her alive by my side makes me feel strong and capable to accomplish anything."

-Raphael Alejandro

10. Above all, Raphael's curiosity and desire to learn about anything and everything is what drives him.

"If I don't know or don't understand something, I need to research more about it, especially if it has to do with science."

-Raphael Alejandro


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