If Rapunzel Is Your Fave Disney Princess, You Need These Items

Each Disney princess is special in her own right, but we all have that one who's near and dear to our hearts.

We'd bet that since you made it here, Rapunzel is that princess for you.

To show off your admiration for this spunky princess on the reg, we suggest you get yourself one of the adorable Rapunzel-inspired items from the list below. Get to scrolling!

Rapunzel Hair Clip: $7.99

You'll always feel like your fave princess so long as you fasten this clip to your hair daily.

Rapunzel hair clip from Etsy

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Rapunzel Choker: $6.26

You can never have enough chokers. So if Rapunzel is your princess, make sure to represent her well by sporting this accessory.

Purple choker with sun on it

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Rapunzel's Tiara Ring: $35

Because no matter how small, every princess needs a crown on her at all times.

Ring of Rapunzel's tiara

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Lantern Candle Holder: $22.99

????And at last I see the light!????

Rapunzel lantern candle holder

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Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Wall Decal: $6.50

Achieve the level of ambiance you've always desired by slapping this sticker on your bedroom walls.

Wall decal of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider sitting in a boat

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Rapunzel Flower Crown: $20

If Rapunzel can rock flowers in her hair, so can you!

Rapunzel-inspired flower crown

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Rapunzel Earrings: $8.50

Okay, we can all agree these are absolutely adorable. For all of you with pierced ears, hurry up and order yourself a pair.

Rapunzel Mickey Mouse ears earrings

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Rapunzel Laptop Decal: $8

Have you ever seen a more elegant laptop sticker? We doubt it.

Rapunzel laptop decal

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Rapunzel Mug: $15

Whether you're sipping on coffee or tea, this mug will fuel your need for adventure.

Rapunzel mug

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Frying Pan Necklace: $10

Rapunzel never went anywhere without her trusty frying pan, and neither should you.

Frying pan necklace

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Rapunzel Slime: $6.50

This glittery purple slime just screams Rapunzel, don't ya think?

Glittery purple slime inspired by Rapunzel

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Rapunzel Minnie Mouse Ears: $25

A trip to Disneyland isn't the same if you're not sporting your own set of ears.

Rapunzel Minnie Mouse ears

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"I Could Go Running and Racing and Dancing and Chasing" Water Bottle: $24

And you'll definitely be able to do those things a little bit better with a thirst-quenching water bottle like this handy.

I could go running and racing and dancing and chasing Rapunzel water bottle

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"Magic Hair, Don't Care" T-Shirt: $17.99

Why should you care when you've got magic hair?

Magic Hair, Don't Care Rapunzel t-shirt

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