Rapper Ray Moon Reveals the Meaning Behind Her Powerful New Song, 'Glowin'

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and rapper Ray Moon has always written powerful tracks based on her real-life experiences, and her latest single, "Glowin'," might be her best work yet.

The new track, and its music video, are out today (Feb. 5), inspired by the empowerment she felt after ending a toxic relationship. It'all about the positive, and the new music video features her girlfriend, Jadah Blue, and shows how the two find their happiness, in spite of the negativity and hardships in their lives.

We can't get enough of the stunning song, and we got the chance to ask Ray herself about what "Glowin'" really means.

Sweety High: What does "Glowin'" mean to you?

Ray Moon: "Glowing" makes me happy—it makes me get in my feelings and I feel like I'm watching the sunset, with a glass of Don Perignon in the hills.


SH: How do you personally know when you're "glowin'"?

RM: When you look and feel flawless and unscrewwithable.

The Nikon Icon Ray Moon basketball photo

(Photo credit: The Nikon Icon/Stylist: Amanda Taymor)


SH: What was it like to direct your own music video? What ideas from the track was it important for you to get across in the video?

RM: Directing my first music video felt natural. It felt like I've done it before. I love taking the lead, especially with my craft. The intro when both me and Jadah were going through it with our moms, basically telling us to get it together—those are actual real situations that I've always dealt with living with family members. And pursuing music, rather than going to school.


SH: What are your favorite lyrics from the track? Why?

RM: "I want you for keeps and only you! You ain't know this love is bulletproof? Huh ?! Because like girl stop playing with me."


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

RM: "Rick James" is on the way—song and visual. Stay tuned


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