Who Do You Think Should Be 2016's Best Male Artist? Cast Your RDMA Vote!

This year Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, and Justin Bieber are Radio Disney Music Award nominees in the "He's The One" – Best Male Artist category. Oh man?. We really really do not want to have to pick a fave, especially when all four nominees are perfection. If you've already made the incredibly difficult decision by voting HERE, we're super impressed. If not, we're right there with ya. Let's take a look at some of the potential reasons why each guy should get our vote.



Ed Sheeran

1. He took home (for the first time!) two trophies at the Grammys this year?. One for Song of the Year, the other for Best Pop Solo performance, but both for his uh-MAZING single, "Thinking Out Loud."

2. AND, um, can we just take a second to talk about his love song, "Photograph"? We literally just melt into a puddle of mush listening to it. And the music video? Watch it if you want a good cry. Spoiler alert: You get to see what Ed looked like as an adorable little kid.


Nick Jonas


1. At the end of 2015, Nick and Demi Lovato gave us the best news we've ever heard by announcing their joint Future Now Tour. We owe him everything for making our dreams come true.

2. His songs "Jealous," "Chains," and "Levels," are literally what we LIVE for. We know every single lyric and shamelessly lip sync them on the reg. Brb, gonna go take a quick singing break.


Shawn Mendes


1. He's kinda already on a roll with winning awards this year. At the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards he won the Favorite New Artist award, just sayin'.

2. OK, so we're mildly obsessed with Shawn's song "Stitches" (and by mildly we mean TOTALLY). We thought he couldn't get much better, but then he released "I Know What You Did Last Summer," with our 5H girl, Camila Cabello. WE CAN'T HANDLE HOW GOOD IT IS. Just listen.


Justin Bieber 


1. News flash: He already won Favorite Male Singer at the KCAs this year. Maybe we should just keep the awards coming at him!

2. When Justin dropped his fourth album, "Purpose," we honestly just lost it a little bit. His single "Love Yourself," is EVERYTHING we could have asked for (and then some). Have you seen the completely insane dance moves in the music video? I mean, C'MON.



Do you know who you'll be voting for now?! Make sure to cast your official vote HERE.  And then you have to let us know who you picked below!