Meet the Real Big Hero 6, Six STEAM Innovators!

Last month, Big Hero 6 and XPRIZE teamed up to seek 6 real-life heroes who could channel their creativity into an innovative solution for the problems that face the world. The contest's six winners have just been announced!real big hero 6 xprize challenge

Participants between the ages of 8 and 17 were asked to make use of science, technology, engineering, art and math, or STEAM for a chance to attend the Big Hero 6 premiere in L.A. 

Out of hundreds of entries, just 6 winners were selected!

9-year-old Kamran Ansari came up with a rating system for packaging on products, educating consumers on how wasteful the packaging is. With this kind of labeling, consumers can be more environmentally conscious of what they buy, reducing their carbon footprints in the process!

11-year-old Jasmyne Mendoza's plan is a solution to world hunger, and would also provide clean, safe drinking water for people around the world. In her plan, a biosphere would be constructed to evaporate and distill salt water from oceans into clean water. This water can also help veggies grow!

12-year-old Dominick Quaye devised a plan to generate clean energy, with the help of huge weather balloons, through a high-altitude power generator powered by high-speed winds!

15-year-old Chase Lewis created a method to deliver emergency smoke masks to people trapped in buildings during fires. They can be thrown into burning buildings with the help of a canister, shaped like a football, which Chase designed himself!

17-year-old Carolyn Mennecke's plan uses ultraviolet light sensors to improve windshield visibility, and therefore driving safety, by reducing the glare the sun emits as the sun rises and sets. Like giant sunglasses for your windshield, the solution could save lives!

Last but not least, 17-year-old Kelsey Ann Murobayshi envisioned a safer and more environmentally friendly method of transportation in special pods that drive themselves, powered by heat and wind!

In November, each of the winners will get to travel to Los Angeles and spend three days there, taking a private tour of Walt Disney Animation Studios and a special experience at XPRIZE headquarters. The experience will end up the chance to attend the Hollywood premiere of Big Hero 6!

The winning videos can be viewed here!

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