Really Don't Care Music Video By Cimorelli!

Cimorelli show off their acting abilities in their latest music video, a spirited cover of Demi Lovato's hit single "Really Don't Care"!Cimorelli Really Don't Care Cover Demi Lovato

After being wronged by a boy, the girls decide to exact revenge! However, they don't know precisely where he lives, so they decide to wreak havoc on every house on his street!

The result is yet another lively and spontaneous music video from the Cimorelli sisters as they show off their macarena moves and parade up and down the street, in the car, and everywhere else!

The vocals on Cimorelli's version of "Really Don't Care" are perfectly pop. It's the ultimate empowering breakup track and it really suits Cimorelli!

During the video, the sisters also seem to be having a ton of fun, which seems to prove true in the bloopers. They couldn't film a single scene without laughing, and the whole video is about 10 minutes long!

At the end of the video, Lisa realizes that their pranks were inflicted on the wrong street! Good think she really doesn't care!

Cimorelli's "Really Don't Care" music video also teases an upcoming video for Cimorelli's original song "Renegade." We absolutely can't wait!

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