6 Reasons Why Going Back to School Is Actually Exciting

Nothing is more eyeroll-inducing than the thought of homework, amirite?

You've spent the last three months sleeping in, fighting with your sibling over TV privileges and lounging by the pool—but alas, now it's time to set your alarm clock and go back to school.

Although there are certainly downsides to hitting the books and dealing with bullies and annoying teachers, there are actually a handful of positives associated with stepping foot back on campus.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. You Have a Fresh Start

Didn't do so hot on that last report card? Ended the school year on a sour note with your ex? Now's your chance to put the past behind you with a clean slate. You can sport a fresh look, take up some new extracurricular activities, hang with a different squad—the options are limitless because guess what? New year, new you.

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2. You Can Bid Adieu to Summer Boredom

Summer vacation is great and all, but we all know the days can get a little monotonous after some time goes by. Use the days off to recharge, and then once back-to-school hits, consider yourself re-upped and ready to take on a new year.


3. You Get to See Your Crush Again

It's been a long three months with only social media to keep tabs on your crush. How exciting is it that after quite the hiatus, you two will be reunited?! Will they notice your new look? Will you two share a class? Doesn't matter as long as you're on the same campus.

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4. There Will Be a Whole Crop of New Students to Get to Know

From the onslaught of freshmen, to the new students in your grade who will trickle in from other high schools, the new year is a great opportunity to brush elbows with some unfamiliar faces. We all get sick of seeing the same people day in and day out, so get excited about the potential to make new friends (and eye new crushes).


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5. You Can Take Advantage of a Back-to-School Wardrobe and School Supplies

Hands down the biggest perk of kicking off the new school year is letting mom and dad treat you to a new wardrobe chock-full of the trendiest styles of the season. Top things off with some cute school supplies, and you're on your way to making a solid statement when you step back onto your campus.


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6. It's High School Football Season

Nothing says back-to-school like the cold autumn breeze in your face as you bundle up with your squad at your high school football games. Whether you've got your eyes on the hot quarterback or you simply just want to socialize with your pals, high school football games bring people together and are the ultimate activity to look forward to when you're trying to get through a slow week.


While going back to the books can actually be exciting, that doesn't mean you won't encounter some annoyances. Click HERE to relate to 12 struggles every student encounters in high school.