All the Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Since the dawn of time, people have been debating if cats or dogs are the superior pets.

Both animals have their own unique set of qualities that make them adorable, but only one can reign supreme.

We're here to offer our two cents on the discussion by revealing all the reasons kitty cats are indeed superior to your precious pups. We're right and we know it. Keep scrolling to find out why kitties are the best!

1. Cats understand the concept of personal space. Dogs, on the other hand, have no problem getting all up in your business even when you're not about it. It's cute at first, but quickly becomes annoying.

2. Felines are much, much cleaner than puppers. Dogs slobber everywhere and will track in dirt when the come inside. Even though some cats shed a ton, it's nothing compared to all the dirt, drool and hair dogs get everywhere. Plus, cats clean themselves. You have to bathe dogs at least every other week if you want them to maintain a shiny coat.

3. Kitties pretty much take care of themselves. They really only need you to feed them and clean out their litter box, and give them some affection when they need it. Dogs are a lot of work to take care of. On top of feeding them, you need to walk them and give them endless amounts of attention. It's just too much.

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4. Potty training a dog can be a huge ordeal. Cats are practically born litter box trained. What could be better?

5. Dogs like everyone. They will willingly waltz up to a stranger to receive plenty of pets. Cats are more selective with who they trust, so if a cat likes you, you've made it.

6. Don't even get us started on the noise issue. Dogs are so loud. All of that incessant barking is enough to drive anyone insane. Sure, cats meow, but it's not all that often nor is it for a ridiculously long period of time.

7. Cats are so much easier to cuddle with. Yes, we know there are smaller dogs that you can snuggle with, but all cats are small and deserving of cuddles.

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8. Dogs are funny and goofy, but that's all the time so it tends to become less amusing after awhile. When a cat does something out of the ordinary, you'll find that moment humorous for the rest of your life.

9. As far as toys are concerned, dogs are showered with way too many. They have bones and chew toys, but they always tend to chew up your shoes. Cats will tear up your furniture, but at least you don't have to waste money buying them a plethora of toys that they'll chew through in a day. They're perfectly content rummaging through a box or hiding behind the couch.

10. Seeing how independent and rebellious your cat is truly inspiring. All having a dog teaches you is how to look cute when begging for what you want.

11. Cats know when someone doesn't like them, so they'll be sure to steer clear of that individual. Dogs can't grasp the concept that they're disliked, so they will relentlessly try to make you their friend even if you've clearly expressed you aren't interested. So needy!

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12. We get it, cats will claw at you and bite you to no end. They think it's so fun for some creepy reason. Dogs will rarely ever bit you, but when they do, it hurts so bad. That's one bite that will take a while to recover from.

13. Hello, the ancient Egyptians worshipped a cat goddess called Bastet. Can you name an ancient society that worshipped dogs? We'll wait.

14. There's no greater feeling than when a cat purrs while you are interacting with them. Putting it into words would only diminish the specialness of that experience.

15. Cats understand our need to sleep all the time. Dogs have way too much energy, but gets are all about preserving it. We feel that on a deep level.

16. When it comes down to it, cats are just way more photogenic than dogs. Your pup may be adorable, but getting to cuteness to come off in pics is almost impossible. Cats just lay on the floor and already look like models. We wish we could say the same about us.

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