6 Reasons to Give Libras a Chance at Love

Libras are known to always have someone on their arm.

While their serial-dating habits can be a turnoff, they come from a good place. Libras love the idea of love. Although that's indeed comforting, it makes it hard to know if the Libra you're dating actually likes you, or simply craves companionship. Since Libras are indecisive in nature and like to avoid confrontation, it's typically difficult to get a straight answer out of them.

However, not all hope is lost. Libras have amazing qualities that would make anyone dating them lucky. Below, check out six reasons to give Libras a chance at love:

1. They're Humorous

Humor is key in any successful relationship. If you can't laugh with your partner, buckle up for a pretty vanilla romance. Luckily, you'll get anything but boring with a Libra, as they're quick-witted and love cracking jokes. They always hit the punchline head-on, and receive laughs from anyone they're with. With a Libra by your side, consider yourself saved from any awkward situation.


2. They're Charming

Introducing Libra partners to friends and family is an absolute breeze. They're known for their charming personality—seriously, they can charm the pants off anyone. If you're ever in a rut and need help, lean on your Libra S.O., as they know how to cut lines, get discounts and even get out of traffic tickets. Their charisma comes out especially in social settings. They've been referred to as the life of the party, and they know how make friends easily.

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3. They're Rebellious (In All the Right Ways)

Libras are known for being rebellious—and not in the "bad boy" type of way. They're rebellious in the way that they hate conformity. They stick to their own opinions and won't change just to match the popular vote. Individuality is something you can expect when dating a Libra, so when they dress up, for example, they're doing it because they like how they look—not because they're following trends.


4. They Love Sharing Their Life With Others

One of the best things about dating a Libra is their sense of adventure. They enjoy sharing the things they love with you. Whether it's introducing you to their go-to hiking spot, a sport they play, or their fave book, they love seeing your reaction to their interests and hobbies. This will make for a fun relationship, as you'll constantly be introduced to new things, making sure there's never a dull moment.


5. They're Sensitive

Never fear being embarrassed by a Libra when you two are on a date. They're incredibly polite, and handle awkward situations with tact. If a waiter gets an order wrong, for example there won't be a confrontation. They'll either act super nice about it or won't say anything at all. Due to their sensitive nature, they might get upset, but they would never take it out on anyone.

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6. They're Romantic

Since Libras always seem to be in a relationship, many people automatically assume they're being used by this sign. But that's not the case. Any time they date someone, they're on the lookout for the real thing. They won't waste their time with someone if they don't see it leading somewhere. If you're looking for a lasting love, look no further than a Libra. They're likely on the same page as you, meaning your potential relationship has the chance to blossom into something beautiful.


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