7 Reasons You Should Definitely Date a Virgo

Ah, Virgo—it's definitely not the first sign that comes to mind when you're dreaming up a romantic, loving relationship.

They're known for being overly critical, prone to worry and a bit uptight. While that means they're indeed hardworking and successful, it also implies they fall short in the romance department.

However, despite their flaws, Virgos have so much to offer in a romantic relationship. Keep scrolling for seven reasons you should definitely date a Virgo.

They Pay Attention

If we've said it once, we'll say it a million times—Virgos are a very critical zodiac sign. They have a tendency to overanalyze everything, which means they're often caught up in the little details. Their critical nature makes them prone to worry, but it also means they're very attentive people. Virgos will pay attention to the little things in your relationship. Your favorite color, your favorite food, the way you take your coffee—a Virgo will remember it all. They're unlikely to miss a birthday or anniversary, and their ability to remember every little thing about you is guaranteed to make you feel special, each and every day.

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They're Helpful

Virgos are known for their practical and methodical nature. While that leads to a lot of organization in their own life, their sense of responsibility also extends to their romantic partners. Virgos want their partners to succeed, and they'll do everything they can to help. Whether it's assisting you with difficult projects, reminding you of important events or simply letting you know they're supporting you, a Virgo partner is someone who will push you to do your best. When you have a responsible someone who won't let you slack off on your duties, you're guaranteed to find more success in your life. A romance with a Virgo is a relationship that pushes you to be better, instead of allowing you to settle for good enough.


They're Loyal

Virgos don't have much interest in playing the field or dating around. They're loyal by nature, and they much prefer to invest their time into one person and build a real relationship. Virgos may take a while to open up, but once they've created an emotional bond with you, they're unlikely to stray from your romance. They're a sign you can trust. It's not in them to flit in and out of partnerships on a whim. They're a sign you can rely on to stick around, in good times and bad.

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They're Independent

One of the main benefits of romantic relationships stems from your ability to lean on your partner for support and encouragement. However, becoming your partner's pseudo-parent does not make for a healthy relationship. Thankfully, that's something you never have to worry about with a Virgo. Virgos are pretty independent. They know how to manage their own responsibilities, and they don't feel the need to ask for help very often. Knowing that your partner can manage themselves leads to a certain sense of freedom in your relationship. You know that you can be your own person because your Virgo partner will always be their independent self, as well.


They're Even-Tempered

Although Virgos are known to be overly-critical and anxious, they're not explosive or highly emotional. In fact, Virgos are fairly even-tempered, in large part due to their analytical nature. This is a sign that will take a look at all sides of a situation before drawing a conclusion. They won't blow up at you randomly, resort to the silent treatment or blame you for their emotions. In fact, you can count on them to approach most problems head-on, with an openness to hearing your side of the story. You might not avoid an argument with a Virgo partner, but you can rest comfortably in the idea that it won't turn into a screaming match.


They're Hard-Working

Far too many people expect relationships to be easy and painless once you find the right person. If things get hard, one or both partners will jump ship in favor of finding someone who doesn't make them work at a successful romance. Virgos aren't like that. Virgos know that relationships require a bit of effort. Not only that, they're actually willing to put the energy in to build a successful romance. Virgo-born are hardworking at their core. They won't shy away from a little concentrated effort, which will likely lead to a much stronger relationship between you and your Virgo partner.


They're Kind

Perhaps most importantly, Virgos are just kind people. Despite their many flaws, they have gentle hearts that seek the best for those they love. A Virgo partner won't be unnecessarily malicious or harsh. While they'll likely make mistakes, they'll also spend a large chunk of their time showering affection and love onto their partner. Virgos have sweet hearts that seek the best for those they care about. Their thoughtful, understanding nature makes them great partners who anyone would be lucky to date.


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