16 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

You may think I'm biased as a dog owner and lover, but I swear to you that I'm not a hater when it comes to cats. I actually love my feline friends and have had cats as well as dogs my entire life.

So really, that makes me pretty confident in listing a bunch of reasons why dogs are better all-around pets than cats.

Whether you're in agreement with me or need some more persuading, scroll below to see all the reasons dogs rule and cats drool (and please don't send me hate mail):

1. Let's begin with the little unwavering fact that dogs do their business outside. Yes, that does mean that you have to carry around little baggies and dispose of the poop on your walk, which admittedly can be kind of embarrassing, but at least their unmentionables don't hang around indoors until someone gets around to cleaning it up.

2. On that note, if you've ever stepped barefoot on stray kitty litter that has spilled out of the litter box, that's reason enough to prefer canine companions. Seriously revolting.

3. They often have shorter adjustment periods when getting to know new people and animals. If there's one noticeable distinction I've made between all of my dogs and all of my cats, it's that the dogs have been extroverts while my cats are the opposite.

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4. Dogs are always happy and excited to see you, even when you've just been in the bathroom for two minutes.

5. They play way more with you than cats do. Sure, cats enjoy feather toys or batting around catnip mice at times, but you have to admit that dogs are infinitely more playful.

6. Dogs are more adaptable to learning tricks. Whether it's sitting, shaking hands, rolling over or fetching items after you say "Accio [item]" dogs just pick up these skills easier.

7. Dogs look at you like you're the best thing on Earth which is a huge self-esteem boost. Now if only your crush would look at you with those puppy eyes.

8. Cats are more inclined to bring home gifts of dead mice, lizards and birds which, tbh, wasn't on your birthday wish list.

9. Dog nails and teeth aren't nearly as sharp so it doesn't hurt as much if they accidentally scratch or nip you.

10. Dogs can accompany you on more adventures than cats who usually stay inside.

11. They're all around less… evil… seeming. Sorry, cats.

12. There's more noticeable diversity among dog breeds than there is with cats. Of course there are plenty of cat breeds, but their differences aren't as substantial as, say, a pug and a golden doodle.

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13. When you have friends over, cats usually dash out of the room into a private spot while dogs love to join the hangout.

14. It's easier to find a hypoallergenic dog than a cat. On that topic, cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies.

15. I mean, between the two, only one of these species holds the title of "Man's best friend."

16. The fact of the matter is that I've never seen a dog hop onto a counter and slide a glass of water off the ledge with its paw. It just doesn't happen.

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