All the Reasons Donuts Are Clearly Superior to Bagels

I love a good donut. In fact, I love any donut.

While I'm onboard the donut-lover train, there are plenty of people who think bagels are way better than donuts.

As far as I'm concerned, donuts are clearly superior to bagels. If you need a bit of convincing, scroll below for all the reasons donuts are the absolute best.

1. Donuts Can Be Eaten Whenever

Donuts are delicious every hour of the day. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. But who craves a bagel after 12 p.m.? No one I want to be associated with.


2. Bagels Have Less Variety

Bagels are boring. Sure, some fun and colorful versions of the food exist, but they don't compare to the endless amount of donuts on this planet. I could probably name every bagel flavor in less than 30 seconds, but the same could not be said for donuts.


3. Donuts Aren't Solely Circular

Bagels are always shaped like a circle, at least I've yet to see otherwise. But donuts come in all different shapes and sizes. They don't stick to the mold.


4. Donuts Are Made With Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Donuts can be savory, too. While they are best known for being sugary, there are other options appetizing for those without a sweet tooth. Allow me to introduce you to the grilled cheese donut.

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5. Donuts Complement Any Food They're Paired With

Donuts can be eaten with things like ice cream and cake, but bagels can only be eaten with cream cheese. Even if it's flavored, cream cheese isn't all that great. Plus, you can drink just about anything and still enjoy a donut. The same cannot be said for a bagel. If you don't eat it while you're drinking coffee, it's not all that great.

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6. Bagels Don't Save

If you don't eat a bagel the second it has been served to you, it will immediately turn harder than a rock. It gets to the point where you're basically eating a hockey puck. Who wants that? Not I, which is why I always opt for donuts. They taste great hot, cold or three-days old. Yes, I've eaten a three-day-old donut. Yes, it was delicious.


7. Donuts Bring Happiness to All

Donuts are just freaking fun! They always lift my spirits, and I'm sure yours, too. I don't think I've never looked at a donut without smiling. But whenever I look at a bagel, it makes me think of adulthood, which is not fun.

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