7 Reasons Everyone Is Obsessed With Alix Earle (Us Included!)

Our favorite thing about TikTok in 2022 was our introduction to it-girl Alix Earle.

The Miami resident has completely blown up on the app and has continued to amass a large following. But why? What sets her apart from the rest? Here are the seven reasons that everyone is obsessed with Alix Earle (us included!).

1. She's Relatable

Alix is one of the most relatable people on TikTok. And no, it's not because of how she looks or how much money she has. It's all in her attitude! She's not afraid to be herself, whether it's showing her messy room, how much she overpacks or if she needs help picking out an outfit.

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2. She Shows The Real Side of Her

The next reason everyone absolutely adores Alix is because of her reliability. Whether she's discussing her acne journey, how she's been procrastinating writing a paper for school or is just having a bad hair day, she's not afraid to show us that she deals with normal things, too.


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3. She's Not Afraid to Be Silly

If there's one thing Alix isn't afraid to do, it's let her freak flag fly. She's super silly and loves to make people laugh. She's genuine and always manages to put a big smile on our faces.


4. She Acts Like Your Best Friend

Another reason why people are so enamored with Alix is that she has an aura about her that just makes us feel like we're besties. Her casual convos and ability to make us feel good while watching her videos is something we wish we could do, too.

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5. She Gives Back

Whether she's volunteering at a school to read, giving her roommates makeup or hosting a giveaway on her channel, Alix has made it a point to give back to her community, friends and followers.


6. She Has Fabulous Style

Even though Alix's style might not be for everyone, we can all agree she looks amazing in pretty much anything she puts on her body. We adore her fashion sense and love seeing the new outfits she puts together.


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7. She Makes Amazing GRWM Videos

Last but not least on the list of reasons why everyone is obsessed with Alix Earle is her iconic get ready with me videos. She always manages to talk about something different and looks great while doing so.

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