5 Reasons Friend 'Breakups' Are Difficult

Friends come and go—it's a simple fact of life.

But what happens when it's time to say goodbye to a really good friend? This can happen for any number of reasons—you might be maturing at different paces, you may not like the decisions they're making or you just don't have much in common anymore. Regardless, breaking up with a friend is by no means fun.

Keep scrolling for the five main reasons friend "breakups" are really difficult, and in a lot of cases, harder than a romantic breakup!

1. The Actual Act of 'Breaking Up' Is Awkward

When it comes to finally cutting the cord, deciding what method to use is rather hard. It depends on the type of friend they are—do you text them every single day? Do you hang out one-on-one or with friends? How long have you been buddies? These are just some of the things to consider when breaking up.

And there are all sorts of ways you can do it. You can ghost them, set up a time and place to have a talk, tell them you're busy or slowly ease them out of your life. It all depends on the person and situation, so do what's best for you.


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2. The Friend Group Dynamic Will Change

If the friend you're breaking up with is part of your core group of friends, we're not going to lie to you—it's going to be tough to navigate. The key here is to make it as smooth as possible. You don't want people to "choose sides" or stop talking to them as well. If you see them in a group setting, it is what it is. Don't change your plans just because it's going to be a little bit awkward—you shouldn't alter your life just to accommodate them.

However, sometimes things can get a bit heated in a friend group, and if this happens to you, we would recommend distancing yourself, at least for a short while (if the friend is present). Make sure you have someone you can lean on if it gets tough.


3. You'll Experience a Rollercoaster of Emotions

Breaking up with a friend brings with it a rollercoaster of emotions. Some days you'll be happy with your decision, others sad, others mad, and all sorts of in-between. You might even start to doubt yourself. Should you become friends with them again? If it was you who did the breaking up, think of the reason you did. If it's something they can genuinely change, sure, give them another shot.

But, if they were the ones to ditch you, you need to ask yourself if it's worth it to potentially go through that heartbreak again.


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4. People Will Ask All Sorts of Questions

Perhaps the most annoying part of breaking up with a friend is having to relive it over and over again. Questions are to be expected, so be prepared with an answer. You can expect things like: "Why aren't you friends anymore? Did something happen?" The best advice we have is to avoid gossip. Do not belittle the other person or make them out to be the bad guy—even if they are.

Instead, remain neutral and just say something like: "We grew apart" or "We're just not that close anymore." There's no need to air your dirty laundry for the world—it's your business and no one else's.


5. You Need to Fill the Void

Think of who this person was to you. Were they the one you would vent to? Did you hang out every waking moment? Did you only see them in group settings? Depending on your answer, we suggest filling the void with another person.

We know—that sounds weird, but leaving that extra space in your life will leave you feeling down, which is why we think finding a new friend will make all the difference. Keep yourself busy and you will be able to move on in no time.


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