7 Reasons Senior Year of High School Is the Absolute Best

Enjoy it while it lasts, because your senior year of high school is going to go by in the blink of an eye.

Sure, the studying part isn't the most fun, but being the leaders of the school definitely has its perks. Since you only have one year to enjoy being a senior, it's important to take advantage of everything being offered to you. Continue below for the seven reasons senior year of high school is the absolute best:


1. You Probably Have a Light Schedule

By the time senior year rolls around, you've likely already finished your core classes. That means you have more room to choose subjects you're super interested in, like specific electives. Chances are, your schedule is very light and you have free periods. If you set it up just right, you can make it so that you can leave early or come in late every day!


2. Senior Prom… Duh!

Senior prom is basically the Oscars… but more important. From finding a date, to choosing a dress and enjoying the big night with all of your closest friends, it's an event you'll want to have engrained in your mind for years to come. It's your last hoorah of high school, so be sure to milk every little moment of it. We're willing to bet you'll shed a few sad tears with your besties.

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3. Your Teachers Give You More Freedom

Your teachers will understand how busy you are your senior year. From applying to colleges to passing your A.P. exams, it's not exactly the easiest time. They trust you as a senior to get your stuff done, and they don't give you as many restrictions when it comes to assignments. You're left with more freedom, which is always a plus in our books.


4. You Decide Where You're Going to College

Applying to college is no easy process. It takes a lot of time, energy and planning. Whether you've had your eyes set on a particular college from the age of five, or you just recently visited one you fell in love with, the whole process is daunting. Worrying about actually being accepted and making the big decision as to where to go will take up much of your time.

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5. The Other Grades Look Up to You

Newsflash—as a senior, you're the leader on campus. Not only have you been there longer than the other grades, but they look up to you for advice and guidance. It always feels good being a role model to someone, so make sure that you set a good example and precedent for the grades to follow after you.


6. Friday Night Football

We're big fans of the show Friday Night Lights. At the core, it's about high school football, something we love to watch. As a senior, it's your last year to truly reap the benefits of being in high school. Enjoy your last semester in the bleachers, cheering your team on to victory. It's the last time, so make it count.


7. Graduation

Graduation is what will be on your mind every single day of your senior year. Seriously, it's a thought that will pop into your head all of the time. Not only will your high school graduation mark the end of an era, but it's the official last time you'll be with all of your classmates. Everyone will move on to different cities in the coming months, so say farewell to those you care about.

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