5 Reasons Senior Year of High School Is the Absolute Worst

Being a high school senior isn't all fun and games.

Sure, there are plenty of great things about being a senior, but for the most part, it's incredibly stressful. Senioritis is bound to hit you… hard. And TBH, it's pretty difficult to overcome. You reach a point where you can't find the strength to actually care. Whether it's laziness, the fact that you've had the same routine for four years or something else, you'll have to deal with senioritis (among other senior year downfalls) eventually.

Keep reading for five reasons senior year of high school is the absolute worst:


1. Taking the SATs

Chances are, you started studying for the SATs (or ACTs) your junior year. So, by the time senior year rolls around, you're overwhelmed and stressed out. You might totally bomb the first time you take it, making you wonder if the long hours of studying were even worth it. You'll have to turn down hangouts with your friends to cram in more study time, which will leave you with major FOMO.

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2. Being the Leaders on Campus

While being the leaders on campus can be a great thing, it also means you have to be on your best behavior at all times. The underclassmen look up to you, so you need to set a good example for them. With that comes lots of pressure, because if you do mess up, then all eyes are on you. Basically, you have to actively think about your decisions and make sure you're the best possible role model.


3. Pressure to Decide on a College

Once the SATs are over and done with, it's on to college applications. Not only is it a completely daunting process, but it takes lots of time and energy. Plus, you have to decide where you actually want to go! If you've had your sights set on one college your entire life, you still have pressure to actually be accepted. If you don't know, on the other hand, you need to research the best options for you. It's by far the most overwhelming part of senior year.

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4. Keeping Your Grades Up

Once you get accepted to a college and make a decision on where to attend, you'd think all the stress would lift from your shoulders… but it won't. A lot of universities can withdraw their acceptance letters if you fail to keep your grades up. So, not only will you be dealing with senioritis, but you'll need to keep up the good work for fear of not going to the college of your dreams.


5. Saying Goodbye to Your Friends

A majority of the people you go to high school with, you'll never see again. It's so weird because you've been going to the same school with some of these people since Kindergarten, but will go your separate ways come graduation. Even if you promise to stay in touch with your closer friends, the transition from high school to college is always a tough one, and you'll probably stop talking to most of your peers altogether.


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