7 Reasons Why Summer is Better Than Fall

If we had to choose one season to live in year-round, it would be summer.

Days at the beach, summer fashion, family vacays, reading books, local fairs and more take up most of our time, and we have no complaints. From good weather to more time with friends and family, what's not to love about summer?

With fall just around the corner, the countdown officially (and sadly) begins. If you're anything like us and like summer way better than fall, you've come to the right place! Keep scrolling for the seven reasons as to why summer is better than fall.

1. Warm Weather

Summer weather is no-nonsense. You step outside and know exactly what to expect. Beach days, playing baseball and more are always best during the summer. In the fall, the weather can be finicky and changes all of the time. One minute it's warm, and the next it's freezing and windy! No thank you.

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2. Summer Fashion

We don't know about you, but we'much rather rock shorts and a crop top than a scarf and sweater. Summer fashion is so versatile! From dresses to bathing suits and tank tops to hats, there are way more options to choose from. There's just something about summer fashion that puts a smile on our faces.


3. Delicious and Healthy Food

When it comes to summer food, we go wild. Watermelon is in season, and if that's not going to sway you, we don't know what will. When we think of summer, we think of BBQs, root beer floats and delicious salads. And sure, the food during fall is amazing, but we're always left feeling bloated and overwhelmed by pumpkin.


4. Late Sunsets

The most beautiful sunsets we've ever seen always happen during the summer. Stunning oranges, pinks, purples and blues take over the sky. But the best part? They happen later at night, meaning you have more time in the sun for fun and activities. The next time you have a date, suggest watching the sunset after grabbing din.

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5. Summer Music

Summer music just hits different. Instead of sad ballads, we're met with upbeat, happy tunes. Whether it's a banger from someone like Justin Bieber, or a hit song from a big country star, music in the summer is way better than the fall. We'd much rather listen to music going down the highway with the windows down than having the heat blasting in our faces while wearing gloves.


6. Family Vacays

We know, we know, you can go on a family vacation any time of the year, but nothing beats a summer vacay. Days by the lake consist of jet skiing, tubing and tanning—what's not to love? For the fall, all you can really do is bundle up in clothes and pray you don't get rained on. That doesn't sound relaxing to us at all.


7. Glow-Up

During the colder months like fall, our skin tends to get dried out and pale. But with summer, we're tan and feeling our best. In fact, we look like we got a glow-up and don't even mind not wearing makeup each and every day. We tend to stick with lighter looks with tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara and a gloss.

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