5 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Break Up With Someone in Person

Even when you know a relationship has run its course, breaking up isn't easy.

As tempting as it might be to break up with someone indirectly over the phone or in a message, that's never the answer. Keep scrolling to find out why.

They Should Be the First Person to Know

When it comes time to do the difficult act of breaking up with someone, it's critical they're the first person to know. You never, ever want to break up with someone publicly over social media. After all, how would you feel if everyone knew you were being broken up with before you did? Texting or a phone call can be just as bad because you're potentially looping in other people to your breakup.

If possible, the breakup should take place one-on-one and be in a quiet space so the two of you can have privacy. By breaking up in a public place, you're involving other people, and selfishly preventing them from getting the chance to express themselves for fear of making a scene. This isn't the easy way to do it, but it's the right way.

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It Shows You're Serious

Ending a relationship is serious, so you shouldn't treat it like any old interaction you'd have with the person you're dating. Taking the time to plan and take that person aside shows that you've put some thought and care into the situation, and that you really mean what you're saying. This also gives you the chance to rehearse things and be thoughtful, instead of hurtful, in the breakup.

This process can also prevent you from doing something you'll regret later. Taking the time to prove you're serious first will help you decide whether this is what you really want, or if you were just overreacting to something that doesn't actually warrant breaking up.


It Doesn't Leave Room for Misinterpretation

There's nothing clearer than in-person, face-to-face communication, so it's a must in a breakup, where there's no room for error. As clear as you think you're being in an email or via a text, writing is always open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Just like sarcasm is difficult to portray in writing, so is genuine seriousness.

A direct conversation forces you both to be honest and vulnerable, while also allowing you each to ask questions, clarify anything that's misunderstood and explain yourselves as clearly as possible. In messaging, all of that gets lost. The last thing you want is for the other person to not truly understand that you're breaking up with them because they misread what you've written.

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It Shows Courage

The reason why breaking up with someone indirectly seems so appealing at first is because it makes the whole process appear so easy. You might envision writing a quick text, pushing the send button and being done with it. You wouldn't have to see their face or deal with any kind of emotional reaction in person—but the easy way out doesn't show any kind of responsibility or courage.

It takes a bit of determination to gather the nerve to break up with someone, but it's the right thing to do, and it shows the person you're breaking up with that you mean business. That doesn't mean they'll be happy about it, but it's better than the alternative. You probably wouldn't be too happy if you were broken up with out of the blue via email, either.


It Shows Respect

Last but not least, an in-person breakup shows the other person that you respect their time enough to treat your breakup as a significant event. Even if things aren't ending on the best of terms, it's important to be civil. You were dating, after all, so there are probably a few things you admire about them. It's worth remaining respectful to preserve some aspects of the relationship. And though it may take a while, ending things the right way will open the potential for becoming friends again down the line.

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