5 Reasons to Date a Leo

If you're even mildly familiar with astrology and the associated zodiac signs, there's simply no doubt you've heard a good bit about the kings of the zodiac themselves: Leos.

Represented by the majestic lion, the sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, making it a true fire sign in every way and connected to all things gold and glamorous. Combined, this all creates an association with royalty and just a bit of drama—after all, there's a reason so many of your favorite celebrities fall under this sign!

But what about when it comes to dating one of these regal lions? Are they really as egotistical and difficult to deal with as people often make them seem? Not quite. In fact, there are so many things about Leo that make them fantastic partners. With that said, here are just some of the reasons to date a Leo if you're lucky enough to come across one:

1. Automatic Power Couple Vibes

They don't call Leo the king of the zodiac for nothing. People who fall under this sign (born between July 23 and Aug. 22) tend to be natural-born leaders, giving off a certain charisma that makes them attractive in terms of both physical beauty and overall power. Even if you're more on the timid side, coupling up with one of these lions or lionesses will have you loving the limelight in no time—after all, it's hard for people not to find their eyes drawn to a Leo and thus the person they're with.

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 2. They're Extremely Loyal

In relationships, there's little that matters more than trust and loyalty. Fortunately, these are two things that are integral to the makeup of a Leo! A Leo will let you know how they're feeling but will also know how to give you your independence without being clingy, and you can rest assured that they're loyal practically to a fault.


3. They Know How to Enjoy Things

Leo is all about the glitz and glam, whether that be with the gifts they give you, the places they take you on dates or even just the way they dress. If you're interested in trying new things, experiencing the finer things in life and generally having a great time wherever you may go with your partner, then dating a Leo may be just the ticket.

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4. They'll Help You Feel More Confident

There's something about Leos that just screams confidence, and it's hard not to find yourself becoming more self-confident simply by being around them. That's especially because while Leos themselves love to be complimented, they also know how to give one right back—and everyone could use a boost in confidence once in a while. 


5. They Lead With Their Hearts

As a fire sign ruled by the sun—which never goes retrograde—the Leo is known for consistently putting their heart into everything they do. A Leo partner is dedicated and passionate, and you can expect your relationship to be nothing shy of movie-worthy. Because they lead with their hearts, you can also count on them to be vivacious in every possible way, so just make sure you're ready to handle the heat before you jump into getting to know one. 

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When it comes to dating a Leo, the reasons above are really just the tip of the iceberg. And if you're already currently crushing on a Leo, we can help—just click HERE to read about some of their biggest turnoffs.