10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Keep a Journal

I love journaling.

As a chronic overthinker, I've found that journaling is the perfect way to calm my thoughts and allow me to sort through the day's worries. Did my crush smile at me for a moment longer than usual? Did I do something to upset my friend or was she just tired today? No one has the answers, but you can bet I'm going to fill up my journal trying to figure it out.

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I'm such a huge advocate of journaling that I think everyone, over-thinkers and normal thinkers alike, should make a habit of journaling on a regular basis.

Not sold yet? Scroll below for 10 reasons why everyone should keep a journal.

1. It Helps to Clear Your Head

In the crazy, busy and hectic times we live in, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the emotions and thoughts running through your mind. By writing things down, you are able to transfer some of your worries and frustrations from your head to the paper in front of you, clearing some much-needed space in your cluttered brain.


2. It Helps You Know Yourself Better

Writing down your thoughts and opinions on paper as they occur is one of the best ways to learn about yourself. You will realize what you love, what you hate, what makes you happy, and what pushes your buttons. By learning about yourself, you are able to work towards the things that will lift you up, and wave goodbye to anything that could bring you down.

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3. It Preserves Your Memories

Your journal is basically a personalized time capsule for all your big life moments. You are able to capture your excitement for your first job, your butterflies following your first kiss and your nervousness about your first day of school. No matter where life takes you, you will always be able to relive those moments through your old journal entries.


4. It's a No-Judgment Zone

A journal is one of the only places where you can fully express your thoughts and opinions without fear of judgement. There is no one you have to impress, and you can write without fear of offending anyone because you're the only one who will see it! It's the perfect place to examine your embarrassing moments, express your deepest secrets, and vent about your daily frustrations.


5. It Provides Designated Me-Time

Sometimes it can be difficult to focus on yourself,  but journaling provides a designated activity that's all about you. When you journal, you are able to take quiet time away from the rest of the world and focus on your wants and needs. Even if it's only five minutes a day, journaling is a great way to check in with yourself and get some alone time.

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6. It Reduces Stress

Research has proven that journaling is an effective way to lower your stress levels. The judgment-free zone provides a place for your voice to be fully expressed, allowing the worries that are weighing you down to melt away. By fully acknowledging your feelings, you allow yourself to face them head-on rather than being overwhelmed by them—a perfect situation for a low-stress life.


7. It Can Help You Grow

Keeping a running account of your thoughts, feelings and actions is an effective way to take care of yourself, but it will also show you exactly where you went wrong. Whether it's re-reading old entries or discovering new insights as you're writing, journaling can help you recognize where you may have been lacking in patience, where you spoke a little too soon and where you could have been more compassionate. By making your shortcomings painfully obvious, journaling can help you become a better version of yourself.


8. It Can Help You Sort Through Your Emotions

We've all been in situations at one time or another where we're not quite sure how we feel. During these times, journaling can be an important tool in sorting through more complex emotions. It is almost like having a conversation with yourself, and it allows you to fully decide how you're feeling before you take your frustrations to someone else.

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9. It Can Help You Problem-Solve

In addition to allowing you to sort through your emotions, journaling can also help you brainstorm solutions to your problems. If you feel upset about a comment made by a friend, journaling can help you decide how to approach her without hurting her feelings. Taking the time to think about the best course of action rather than diving headfirst into a messy situation will mean less drama and better relationships with the people around you.


10. It Can Be Whatever You Want

When it comes to journaling, there is no right way to do things. If you are too busy to write pages of text everyday, stick to one-liners that will help to preserve your daily memories. If you need some inspiration, fill your journal with all of your favorite quotes. You can tailor your journal to whatever you need at that exact moment. It is something that is completely yours, with no rules to follow!


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