7 Reasons You Should Start Reading More

Did you know that reading every single day has proven health benefits?

Not only are you enjoying a story, but you're also working your brain muscles. We don't know about you, but we're obsessed with reading. Whether it's science fiction, fantasy, romance, thriller, mystery, self-improvement or something else, we love them all. Not convinced you should open up a book? Below, you'll find seven reasons why you should start reading more.

1. Reading Is a Stress Reliever

If you're dealing with stress in your life, reading can absolutely help to relieve it. When you're in the throes of a great book, your mind will wander away from stressors and focus on the story at hand.


2. Reading Stimulates Your Brain

When you're reading a book, regardless of the genre or type of content, it's stimulating your brain and working your muscles. By keeping these muscles active, you're helping yourself to lead a happier and healthier life.


3. Reading Makes Your Writing Better

Did you know that the more you read, the better you'll write? Think of it like practice makes perfect—after reading the works of various authors, things like their writing styles, vocabulary and more will inevitably impact your own writing.


4. Reading Will Expand Your Vocabulary

Just as reading will make your writing better, it will also expand your vocabulary! Being introduced to new words daily and weekly not only makes you smarter, but it will help you in your daily life, too. You'll be able to better understand things you didn't before!


5. Reading Improves Analytical Thinking

Do you have a friend that always guesses the end of the movie? We're willing to bet they're an avid reader. If you want to be able to do that, reading will help. It improves your analytical thinking and allows you to better sort out your thoughts and opinions.


6. Reading Boosts Your Memory

Your brainpower is enhanced the more you read, which totally makes sense since you have to differentiate between different characters, plots, places and more. If you have trouble with your memory, reading will without a doubt boost it.


7. Reading Is Fun

Last but not least, our favorite reason we like to read as often as we can is that it's fun! You get to leave reality for a short time and enter a new, created world. It's peaceful and will bring you so much pleasure.


Now that you know why you should read more, look HERE for tips on how to become an avid reader in no time, even if you hate reading.