4 Reasons You Should Read the From Blood and Ash Series

Do you ever lose yourself in a book? I know I sure have—most recently in Jennifer L. Armentrout'From Blood and Ash series.

I read every night before I go to bed—anywhere from 25 to 100 pages (it depends on how intriguing the book is and how tired I am). But with the From Blood and Ash series, I easily read 100 pages a night, if not more. That's how captivating the books were! My favorite genres are thriller, romance, mystery, sci-fi and fantasy, and this one kind of crosses all of the boxes.

From Blood and Ash follows the life of Poppy, the Maiden, and her life's purpose to Ascend and protect the future of the kingdom. But what she really wants is to be fighting alongside the guards against the zombie-like Craven. She's been sworn to a life of solidarity, so when Hawke, a guard, enters her life, things change. She starts questioning everything and learning more about Atlantia, what she believed to be a fallen kingdom.

Not sure if you should read From Blood and Ash? Let me convince you. Keep scrolling for the four reasons you should read the From Blood and Ash series.

1. Poppy's Character Development

Poppy is known to the kingdom as The Maiden, but she is so much more. Over the course of all three books, and especially the first one, we see her character develop in such a pristine manner. I love it when a heroine in a novel makes you want to make a change in your life, too. She questions what she's told and doesn't take everything at face value. She trusts her gut, is willing to learn from her mistakes and never disappoints. Not to mention the trouble she always seems to find herself in. It's fun and thought-provoking to read about her.


2. Romance and Passion

One of the reasons I love reading a series as opposed to a standalone novel is that you get that slow burn—especially when it comes to the romance. Instead of simply jumping into the romantic aspect, From Blood and Ash takes you on a journey. You see the buildup of love, passion and charm, and aren't met with a sense of release right away. Once you do get to the romantic aspects later on in the series, the scenes are well thought out and lean on the PG-13 side of things (if not R at times). As a young adult myself, I love everything about this!


3. Attachment to Characters

I remember reading series like The Hunger Games and Twilight back in the day and getting so invested and attached to the characters. And when a character died? Wow, I completely lost it. Tears, uncontrollable sobbing and even anger came to the surface. How powerful is that, though? The fact that a book can make you feel so deeply is incredible to me. And the same goes for From Blood and Ash. You will become attached to certain characters and mourn their deaths.


4. Unpredictable Storyline

The absolute worst thing is when I'm reading a book and can guess every plot point. It's boring and doesn't keep my brain stimulated! Sure, if it's a beach or poolside read, it's fine, but not in my day-to-day reading. From Blood and Ash is anything but predictable. With twists and turns at each and every corner, I was always left in shock and awe. Some of the foreshadowings gave some hints away, but nothing major. I loved feeling like I was at the edge of my seat.


Can't wait to get started? Be sure to buy all three books—From Blood and Ash, A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and The Crown of Guilded Bones. Plus, be on the lookout for the fourth book, The War of Two Queens, being released on March 15, 2022!


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